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Everence Proxy Voting Policy and Guidelines

Executive summary

Everence and Praxis Mutual Funds recognize that socially responsible investors are seeking an approach to financial decision making that is motivated and informed by their most deeply-held convictions.

The Everence philosophy of stewardship investing is to maintain a certain level of responsibility. In voting our shares, Everence seeks to address concerns, not only about economic returns to shareholders and good corporate governance, but also about the ethical behavior of corporations and the social and environmental impact of their actions.

Everence has developed proxy voting guidelines consistent with the core values of our Stewardship Investing Guidelines, that support the objectives of faith-based, socially-responsible shareholders. On matters of social and environmental importance, the guidelines seek to reflect our deep commitment to holistic stewardship and Christian discipleship, rooted in biblical principles.

The Everence stewardship investing values grow out of the 500-year-old Anabaptist faith tradition. Our understanding of this work has been further enhanced by our involvement with the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, the Social Investment Forum and other leading church shareholders and socially responsible investment organizations.

On matters of corporate governance, executive compensation, and corporate structure, Everence guidelines are based on a commitment to create and preserve economic value, and to advance principles of good corporate governance, consistent with responsibilities to society as a whole.

Download the current U.S. and International Proxy Voting Guidelines. (.pdf)