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How donors can grow generosity
through a gift of appreciated securities

The satisfaction and opportunity for generosity may be available in more ways than many donors might realize.

People who donate to a qualified charity, church or other nonprofit organization may be able to improve their own income tax picture as well.

Because of certain tax advantages, some donors find that they can be more generous by donating appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, than they could be with an after-tax gift of cash.

As an example, let’s say Laura owns bank stocks that her parents gave her some time ago. If the stocks have significantly risen in value and she sold them, she would have to pay capital gains taxes.

If, instead, Laura makes a charitable gift of the stocks to charity, she is able to receive a charitable income tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains taxes. Plus, because of the tax savings, Laura is able to give more to a charity she holds close to her heart – a homeless shelter – than if she had written a check.

This particular kind of gift plan is one of many that a donor can explore when deciding the right charitable giving strategy for the donor’s financial situation.

Everence® Charitable Services can help people find ways to maximize their charitable impact.