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Planning and Advice

Stewardship University 2017

Inspiring ... community, faith,
excellence and generosity!

Saturday, April 8, 2017
Calvary Church
1051 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster

Session times:

8 - 8:30 a.m. Registration
8:30 - 9:20 a.m. Worship and keynote
9:30 - 10:45 a.m. Session A
11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Session B
12:15 - 1:15 p.m. Lunch/reception
1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Session C

Session sizes may be limited. For more information: contact Kevin Nofziger at (717) 653-6662 or (800) 653-9723 or; or Lynette Morales at (717) 394-0469 or

April 6 is the last day for online registration, but
walk-ins at Stewardship University are welcome.

Registration form available below the workshop descriptions


All day: $39. Includes up to three courses, course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Discount available:
Group registration: Subtract $5 from your own fee if you are registering as a group of five or more people from the same church. Registrations must be sent together.

Single session: $19. Includes attendance and materials for any one 75-minute session. Lunch is not included and no discounts are available.

Keynote – John Pletcher, lead pastor of Manor Church – Gears, grease and glory: joining God’s mission in your daily work

Session A

  • A1 What’s it take? Hearts and hands of workplace influencers

Presenter: John Pletcher of Manor Church

Description: Come explore what it takes to live your everyday life as a workplace influencer. Whatever your daily work – leading a major corporation, turning wrenches, changing diapers, flipping burgers or coordinating a sales team – you can bring Christ-honoring significance with each task and every personal point of interaction!

  • A2 - Following Jesus in befriending Muslims

Presenters: Eastern Mennonite Missions Christian/Muslim Relations Team

Description: Stories will be shared of simple ways Christians have been seeking to follow Jesus in reaching out to Muslim neighbors with his blessing, peace, truth and love. Dialogue, witness, peacemaking and hospitality will be highlighted, allowing time for questions and discussion.

  • A3 - Estate planning beyond the basics: considering the legacy and stewardship issues involved

Presenter: Timothy E. Shawaryn of Brubaker Connaughton Goss & Lucarelli

Description: God calls us to be wise stewards of the resources he has entrusted to us. Scripture repeatedly reminds us to teach future generations of the good news of the Gospel. For most people, estate planning is one of the most important stewardship and legacy events that they will encounter. As a result, the planning process stirs up many difficult questions and tough issues. This workshop is designed to help people begin to process these questions and to understand the importance of implementing a plan that reflects biblical principles.

  • A4 - The glass is half full: approaching stewardship from an attitude of abundance

Presenter: Belita Mitchell of Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren

Description: This workshop explores how congregations can move from an attitude of scarcity to an attitude of abundance by applying sound biblical principles and developing creative ways of being good stewards. Ideas discussed will have practical application for varied congregational settings.

  • A5 - Engaging millennials in your organization's mission; it's about more than social media

Presenter: Ethan Eshbach of MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates)

Description: Social media is necessary but not sufficient to create engagement between your organization and the millennial generation. Come hear how MEDA is succeeding in creating strong engagement between this powerful generation of young people through a combination of online and in-person strategies.

  • A6 - Being a Sabbath-keeper

Presenters: Jimm and Kaylene Derksen of Eastern Mennonite Missions

Description: If you’re too busy to keep Sabbath, this workshop is for you. If you’re tired, worn out, and burned out on religion, this workshop is for you. It’s for your life!

  • A7 - Living wherever home is! – What are Anabaptist aging services organizations doing to help people aging in place?

Presenters: Anabaptist Providers Group - panel moderator Larry Guengerich of Landis Communities

Description: Increasingly, we are choosing to live in a wider variety of settings as we age. One approach growing in popularity is “aging in place” in one’s own home. Learn from four different Anabaptist-related aging services ministries how they are responding to this trend and what options are available to you and your family.

  • A8 - Take your personal wellness to the next level with exercise and nutrition

Presenters: Janelle Glick and Erica Kauffman

Description: Erica will encourage you with creative ways to improve your fitness levels through exercise. Janelle will take you step by step through the process of cleaning up your diet, and give you suggestions for buying local, organic food.

  • A9 - A collaborative approach to ending hunger and homelessness

Presenter: Jim S. Amstutz of Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness

Description: Ending hunger and homelessness in our communities seems overwhelming. Can one person, church or agency really make a difference? Learn how an innovative and systemic approach involving faith-based and community collaborative partnerships is making significant inroads in resolving both challenges.

  • A10 - Are you and your family ready for the next disaster?

Presenter: Kevin King of Mennonite Disaster Service

Description: Common themes that descend on homeowners during times of crisis: confusion, loss of property, loss of life, lack of communication, and poor judgment. During these moments of crisis, the outside world can quickly descend on you with questions, forms to fill out and key decisions that need to be made. Come ready to learn 10 tips to prepare and plan for the next disaster.

  • A11 - New rules of money: navigate the new economy like a pro, by knowing what’s changed

Presenter: Darryl Dahlheimer of LSS Financial Counseling

Description: Things have changed from even 10 years ago. Learn the “new rules” of the post-recession economy because the old guidelines that your parents used/learned sometimes no longer apply. Make financial decisions about money management, debt, credit, savings and consumer protection in a new light.

  • A12 - Restoring women from trafficking and exploitation

Presenter: Jen Sensenig of North Star Initiative

Description: Learn about domestic sex trafficking, how it is thriving in Pennsylvania and how it impacts those trapped in this modern-day slavery. Engage to become part of the solution in restoring domestic sex trafficking survivors.


Session B

  • B1 - Synergetic partnerships in being workplace influencers

Presenter: Tony Hunt of Lancaster Evangelical Free Church

Description: Doing business as mission finds its best footing when like-minded influencers engage each other in fulfilling such a vision. This session will be a roundtable discussion that will allow interpersonal engagement with the intent of creating partnerships that can network together going forward.

  • B2 - Light to the nations, right here!

Presenter: Bruce Heckman of Immerge

Description: God's joy within us must be passed on to wounded people we find are now our neighbors. How do I begin a friendship with new refugees? How can I circumvent our cultural hang-ups in building friendships? What do refugees long for in a friendship?

  • B3 - “Win-Win” giving strategies benefit charities and individuals

Presenter: Elvin Kraybill of Gibbel Kraybill & Hess LLP

Description: While there is no question that generous people experience joy and meaning in their giving, it is sometimes a challenge to navigate the options that will maximize the gifts for the nonprofits and the people we care about. We will discuss such strategies as evaluating methods and times for giving, considering income tax basis and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax, and deciding whether your POA agent may give gifts. We also will explore advantages of giving retirement account proceeds and coordinating gifts within and outside the will.

  • B4 - Bioethics and the church: the dangers of “thingification”

Presenter: Ken Nafziger of Evangelical Seminary

Description: This presentation is an evangelical perspective on recent advances in biomedical research, including three-parent embryos and chimera development, and its implications for the church.

  • B5 - Creating business solutions to poverty; still cutting edge after 64 years

Presenter: Carol Eby-Good of Mennonite Economic Development Associates

Description: The MEDA story is an amazing one. Since 1953, this innovative faith-based organization has been changing lives through the power of business interventions. Beginning with micro-finance in the 1950s and 1960s to micro-enterprise development later, to today’s economic development interventions involving multiple projects of at least 20,000 people in various locations across the globe, MEDA’s story of faith-motivated business development to change the lives of poor people is remarkable. Come hear what’s cutting edge for MEDA in 2017!

  • B6 – Stewardship of time in an ESPN world

Presenter: David A. King of Eastern Mennonite University

Description: Based on his recent book, Overplayed, A Parent’s Guide to Sanity in the World of Youth Sports, Dave will explore the impact of our sports culture on individual and family time. Participants will engage in evaluating the return on investment related to youth sports.

  • B7 - Purpose-filled aging

Presenters: Gerald and Marlene Kaufman

Description: Many seniors lose a sense of purpose during this time of their lives, causing some to develop health problems, cognitive decline and other losses. We will suggest ways to find new, life-giving meaning.

  • B8 - Healthy stress: how to keep stress from taking its toll on body, mind and spirit

Presenter: Leah Reiff Herr of Blue Skies Chiropractic

Description: Stress is everywhere. There are good kinds of stress and bad. The key is to identify the bad, neutralize it and find ways to support the good. This session will cover the effects stress has on the body and discuss practical ways to manage it.

  • B9 - Transforming a culture of violence, one family at a time

Presenter: Pamela Haddad of Samara

Description: Learn how Samara works with families to interrupt inter-generational cycles of child abuse and neglect, using a Christ-centered model. We will explain how the healing of parent-child relationships creates ripple effects in the community.

  • B10 - Moses and the search for ethnic identity: how do we know, what we know, about who we are?

Presenters: Conrad Moore and Nick Miron of Lancaster YWCA

Description: Christianity and racism have played important parts in shaping our identities and the way we identify others. During our time together we will explore biblical stories to analyze ethnicity, race and our identities.

  • B11 - Better budgeting: become a master at managing your monthly budget

Presenter: Darryl Dahlheimer of LSS Financial Counseling

Description: Budgeting works like magic if you use tools that work. You’ll learn how to make a real-world budget, so you can know where your money goes and increase your savings cushion. Protect yourself from financial emergencies and find the peace of mind that comes from tracking spending, finding ways to save and having a plan.

  • B12 – Post-traumatic stress disorder

Presenters: Ann King Grosh and Sib Nafziger Charles of Lancaster Christian Council on Disability

Description: Do you wonder why those people who have had traumatic life experiences cannot “just get over it”? Learn about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), how it is experienced, why it’s not something one can “just get over,” what can help in healing PTSD and what you can do to support someone experiencing PTSD.


Session C

  • C1 - Entrepreneurs for the Kingdom – raising and releasing the new uprising

Presenters: Keith Blank of Lancaster Mennonite Conference and Karl Diffenderfer of Higher Impact

Description: We are moving into a new season of global commerce and postmodernity. There is a new generation of Kingdom entrepreneurs with passion to build the Kingdom as influencers in the workplace. This session highlights dialogue from some of the rising entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs to hear what the Lord is saying to us about his call for the next generation of Kingdom entrepreneurs.

  • C2 - Together as a church community: a panel exploring refugee resettlement and church plants in Lancaster

Presenters: Christine Baer of Church World Service and local church leaders

Description: Church World Service of Lancaster partners with area congregations in the welcome of refugee families from around the world. Come learn about recent local statistics and hear stories of resilience and hope. This workshop will feature a panel of local church leaders from congregations that have been planted as refugee communities have grown in Lancaster.

  • C3 – Your life, your legacy: passing on your values to those you love

Presenter: Sophie W. Penney of i5 Fundraising

Description: We have so much more than money to bequeath to our family and friends; we can pass along the values that guided us throughout our lives. Engage in structured exercises and discussion that will enable you to reflect on the values you hold dear. You will be provided with a framework for recording those values in the form of an ethical will or legacy letter that you could share with family, friends and others.

  • C4 - Do-and-don’t legal issues for churches

Presenters: Peter Kraybill and Ann Martin of Gibbel Kraybill & Hess LLP

Description: Every church should do certain things for efficiency and transparency for their constituent groups and their attorneys. Doing good through financial/legal stewardship and proactive church governance can be a major part of a church’s witness to the world. On the other hand, most churches should not be doing certain things – but when does that result in bearing poor witness? In other words, what legal issues would best be corrected before the church is cast in an unfavorable light? This presentation will cover these legal issues for churches.

  • C5 - How to help without hurting

Presenters: Justin Watkins and Luke Harbaugh of HOPE International

Description: God calls his people to partner in his reconciling work to our broken world. Is it possible that how we respond is just as important as if we respond? Join the conversation on how to provide dignifying, sustainable partnerships with our brothers and sisters around the world. This covers the same content as the Stew U 2016 workshop by the same title.

  • C6 - Being strong in faith in troubling times

Presenter: Steve Goble of The Goble Group

Description: We will focus on the importance of building a strong foundation of faith in God, why it’s important, and how to do it on a regular basis. 

  • C7 - Retirement: preparing or prepared, a life’s journey

Presenter: George Finney of Everence

Description: Hear and share a journey as it relates to retirement planning. What are your generation and generations past and future faced with in this changing world?

  • C8 - Sustainable agriculture: going deeper – restorative practices

Presenters: Sue and Damon Wagner Fields

Description: How mimicking nature (rather than trying to dominate it) is restoring soil, farms, people, food systems and the planet.

  • C9 - Poverty and the church

Presenter: Charis Pankratz of Cross Connection Ministries

Description: This thought-provoking session will include an overview of the Bridges out of Poverty framework, providing a window into the culture of poverty and the hidden rules within it. In addition, participants will engage in discussion concerning the role and responsibility of the church to increase resources for those in our community living in poverty.

  • C10 – Paying down debt or building up emergency savings

Presenter: Beryl Jantzi of Everence

Description: 40 percent of Americans are living on 110 percent of their income. As a result, too many people are dealing with increasing debt and limited emergency savings. This seminar will address how to prioritize between these financial challenges and other basic money issues.

  • C11 – Senior fraud prevention – stopping scams and staying safe: empower everyone in your family to spot consumer fraud and stop it cold

Presenter: Darryl Dahlheimer of LSS Financial Counseling

Description: Essential information for older adults and their loved ones, but valuable for all ages. You’ll learn how to recognize the 10 most common forms of fraud and the tactics aimed at seniors and others. Learn how to respond assertively to the pressures of phone and online con artists, and know where to report fraud.

  • C12 – Caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s

Presenter: Jay Rairigh of Home Instead Senior Care of Lancaster County

Description: A practical walk through the basic ways to care well for your loved one. We’ll begin with basics of dementia and Alzheimer’s so that we understand key realities. Then we’ll focus on how best to minimize symptoms in order to allow us to connect and engage well with the person we love. This workshop is for caregivers.