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Advisor training and support

Advisor Training Support art

When our advisors succeed, Everence succeeds. That’s why we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure your success right from the very beginning.

Below are several ways we support you:

  • Initial and advanced training programs
  • Team of seasoned sales professionals (your mentors and co-workers)
  • Proven sales and marketing program
  • Annual sales conference with valuable training opportunities
  • Advanced technology and the support staff to help you get up and running
  • In-office support staff to help maximize your face time with clients
  • Strong income potential
  • Strong future demand in a growth industry
  • A natural warm market of receptive church members
  • A comprehensive sales system that incorporates faith values into the financial planning process
  • Unprecedented levels of member trust
  • Outstanding mix of insurance and financial products to meet the stewardship needs of members


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