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Preferred provider organization (PPO) list

This listing of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) includes medical facilities and providers participating* in your health care network. Most PPO listings can be searched by medical specialty or geographic region.

Listings are alphabetical and indicate primary service area of network. To find the name of your PPO, look on your Everence health membership card. Please note that not all PPOs are available for all products in all areas listed.

PPO network Primary service area
Healthy Directions is a travel, or wraparound network, that members in certain products may access when receiving services outside their primary PPO service area.
Nationwide and international

Before choosing a provider and receiving care, confirm the provider’s current participation in the network by contacting the provider or network. Use the phone number listed on your membership card to get more information.

Although every effort has been made to provide you with the latest network information, the composition of networks is constantly changing. The information listed may not contain the most up-to-date provider information. Confirmation with the PPO network is advised.