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Stewardship investing

Our core values

Company screening helps Everence make decisions

Important decisions require research. But those decisions, when reached, are always better for that extra effort.

We want you to know that Everence does a lot of research before we invest your money. Our research, combined with our six stewardship investing core values, guide and govern how each dollar entrusted to us is invested.

Our core values embrace a wide range of social concerns our Christian faith calls us to consider – as well as traditional, prudent, financial deliberations. No company is perfect, but these six values express our best expectations for corporate behavior – and provide a consistent standard for current and future investments.

Respect the dignity and value of all people.

We think it is important that companies respect and support the basic human rights of all people to self-determination; to live free of fear, violence, and intimidation; to lead healthy, well-nourished lives; and to have access to adequate shelter and sanitation. We expect companies to respect ethnic and cultural diversity.

Companies we support will not attempt to benefit from the misfortunes of those individuals or communities that work with them and will not take advantage of relationships with oppressive political regimes.

Build a world at peace and free from violence.

Everence believes violence in all forms hinders growth, prosperity, and freedom and has no place in corporate structures. We desire to support companies that are engaged in products and services that support life – not those designed to kill, maim, or injure. Therefore, we will avoid companies for whom weapons production and military contracting is a focus of their energy, resources, and market development.

We prefer companies that engage in activities that contribute to healthy and peaceful relationships between individuals, communities, and nations. We expect companies to value the sanctity of human life, promote alternate forms of conflict resolution, and engage in efforts to reduce violence and aggression in world cultures.

Demonstrate a concern for justice in a global society.

All people deserve the opportunity to participate in social and economic prosperity. Companies we invest in provide fair, sustainable compensation for their employees and subcontractors and extend opportunities to the disabled, disadvantaged, and marginalized.

Company behavior should be based on a standard higher than minimum legal requirements. Products and services should be offered with honesty and without discrimination. Companies should act on a basis of shared prosperity, recognizing the value and contributions of all in creating lasting success.

Exhibit responsible management practices.

Companies should be honest, trustworthy, compassionate, and responsible. We look for transparency and openness about company policies, finances, and behaviors and expect companies to take reasonable steps to ensure their employees health and safety. Workers’ rights to communicate with management should be respected, including the rights to negotiate, organize, bargain collectively, and communicate with management in good faith.

We look for companies that obey or exceed all relevant laws for environmental concerns, safety, and public disclosure. Companies should employ sound practices of corporate governance, including board independence, board and executive compensation, and structural integrity. Companies we invest in will be aggressive in the marketplace, yet respectful of their competitors and values-centered in their decision-making.

Support and involve communities.

Communities contribute directly and indirectly to the success of corporate endeavors. Therefore, we look for companies that contribute their people, expertise, and resources to support and develop their communities. Companies should actively, creatively, and aggressively engage in charitable giving and should encourage their employees to do the same and become involved in their communities as volunteers.

The community around a company should be included in the decision-making on issues that affect them. Companies we invest in consider the impact their products and production methods have on efforts to build healthy, productive communities, therefore, we avoid companies that engage in alcohol and tobacco production and in the gaming industry.

Practice environmental stewardship

We understand the natural environment as a finite resource, an inheritance for future generations, and a gift from God. Therefore, we expect companies to respect the limits of our natural resources and work toward long-term environmental health. Companies we invest in will “reduce, reuse, and recycle,” pursue cleaner and more efficient production methods, and bear a deep concern for the welfare of animals.

We value companies that are involved in the environmental technology and services arena and which are honest and transparent in their environmental reporting, publicly promoting the value of our environment.