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Financial planning

Are you on the right financial path?

When it comes to our finances, many of us don’t plan ahead – and don’t have a guide or map to set us in the right direction. Sometimes it takes someone else to alert us to potential opportunities, detours and missteps – and to hold us accountable along the way. Our professional advisors can work alongside you to determine the financial path that fits your dreams, goals, faith and values.

Everence can help you create a complete strategy tailored for your specific needs by walking you through the seven branches of your financial life. Learn more about our seven branches of financial planning.

Track your course

As part of the financial planning process, you’ll have access to our Vine Vision 360 program, to fully engage in developing your financial plan, track your spending and saving, monitor your accounts, and stay on course. Contact your Everence advisor to learn more. Read more about the safety and security of Vine Vision 360.

Choose your path

Once developed, you may implement your financial plan through Everence, with another professional, or on your own. The choice is yours – and Everence is ready to give you the opportunity to realize your goals, no matter which direction you choose.

Get started

Ready to incorporate your faith and values into your financial path? Contact your Everence advisor, or call us at (800) 348-7468 today!

Benefits of financial planning

Shawn Persing, CFP®, Everence Director of Financial Planning, talks about the big difference financial planning can make in the lives of individuals and families on Pulse FM's morning radio show. (Audio credit: Pulse FM)