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In integrating your finances with your faith, you have many investing needs. That's why the Everence investment services are so diverse. From Praxis Mutual Funds to Everence Trust Company to Mennonite Foundation, we offer opportunities and solutions for the many situations and stages of your life. Whether you're a beginner investing for the first time or more experienced, Everence can help.

Looking for the most productive way to put your money to work – and make it work for good at the same time?

Everence Asset Management

Professional managed portfolios, comprehensive planning, and investment services to help grow a confident future that inspires generosity. Learn more.

Praxis Mutual Funds

Invest in what matters through a choice of mutual funds that includes our stewardship investing that balances social returns with financial results. Learn more.

Everence Community Investments

Everybody likes a good return on their investments. But what is “good”? And what does that mean particularly in the context of aligning your finances with your faith and values? Looking beyond the basics of financial returns, can our investments earn something more? Learn more.