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John GriederWe appreciate Everence's good service, that it's a faith-based company, and look at the long-term stability of premiums.

We primarily show our clients the Everence plans our relatives are in, the plans we would want for ourselves when we go on Medicare.

– John Grieder, Illinois, licensed independent agent

Trish SneddonWe really appreciate the support we get from Everence. It makes a great impression our clients… We work with two other Medicare supplement companies, and neither of them works as smoothly as Everence. The contrast makes Everence shine even brighter!

– Trish Sneddon*, CSA, CLTC, Pennsylvania

Eric SchrollWhen you're buying a Medicare supplement plan, ask the company what their history of rate increases has been. For the past six years, Everence's Plan F has averaged increases of less than 6 percent. If another company's rate increases are 10 or more, your premium will quickly eclipse Everence's and you will end up paying more. Always think long term.

Second, find out if their policy is attained age or issue age**. Everence offers issue age policies in many states, which means, if you purchase at age 65, you will always pay what a 65-year-old pays. If you buy an attained age policy, your premium will be increased each year based on both your change in age as well as the increase in inflation.

The benefits provided in Plan F from each company are identical. The difference will be in service and premium. Be careful not to judge the premium only on the first couple of years. Think long term.

– Eric Schroll*, CFP®, Ohio

Trish Sneddon and Eric Schroll are employees of Everence. They received no additional payment for the endorsement.
To find out more about the attained age and issue age plans, view our short video.