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Stewardship investing

Stewardship investing is a philosophy of financial decision making motivated and informed by faith convictions. It balances social and financial considerations.

Key components in the Everence stewardship investing philosophy include company screening, shareholder advocacy and community development investing.

Company screening

Everence uses a set of core values to evaluate how a company performs in terms of its responsibilities to society. The stewardship investing core values outline Everence's expectations for ideal corporate behavior, and help us make investment selections.

Getting involved

How can you engage your faith and values with your financial decisions? How can you make a difference through your investments? It’s simple: get involved! Below are some ideas of how you can be a part of our stewardship investing activities.

Shareholder advocacy

What is shareholder advocacy? Essentially, it’s using your position as a shareholder, or part-owner, in a company to push for improved corporate environmental, social, and governance practices. Ownership brings with it certain rights – but also responsibilities, including the responsibility to help management make sound business decisions while giving voice to those who often have none.

Inspiring stories

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