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Proxy voting

Shareholder advocacy is a core component of the Praxis Mutual Funds stewardship investing philosophy. As shareholders, we are part owners of companies. Thus, we believe it’s our responsibility to communicate with corporate management about issues of financial and social concern. Voting proxies and filing shareholder resolutions are two ways Praxis Mutual Funds carries out its advocacy responsibilities as shareholders and owners. It is an important way of “speaking” to the companies we invest in.

These pages document our proxy voting activities to keep our shareholders informed about the actions we are taking on their behalf to further our shared objectives of corporate social and financial responsibility.

What it is

At each annual meeting, company management typically make recommendations that shareholders must vote on. If shareholders will not be present at the annual meeting, which is typically the case, they can vote on these recommendations by proxy ballot through the mail or electronically. Corporate annual meetings are typically held sometime between September of one year through May of the following year – considered one proxy season.

Within limited guidelines, shareholders have the right to place their own recommendations, called shareholder resolutions, on the ballot. These resolutions frequently ask the company to take certain actions to address a specific social or governance concern. Votes on shareholder resolutions are not legally binding, but even modest positive results (10 to 20 percent) have a significant persuasive influence on companies’ boards of directors.

Such resolutions – and the shareholder dialogues they inspire – can be critical in focusing corporate attention on often-overlooked issues.

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