Everence Sharing Fund

When you buy an Everence product, you become part of a community that provides financial support to those in need. It's called the Everence Sharing Fund, and it's one of the distinctive ways we support our members and their communities.

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Doing Better Together

Change lives, build communities

In small or large ways, the Everence® Sharing Fund helps thousands of families each year through matching grants. From supporting food pantries to filling heating oil tanks, Sharing Fund contributions go directly to meet basic needs.

In 2020, Everence awarded more than $1.4 million in Sharing Fund grants for those in need in our member communities, including $352,993 in grants directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. An additional $2.2 million was given by congregations, chapters and employer groups.

Churches and Communities

Meeting needs

Everence Sharing Fund grants help meet the needs of individuals in your church and local community. Grants are available to congregations who have an active Everence stewardship advocate. If your congregation has a need that you think a Sharing Fund grant could help with, contact your advocate for more information.

The Sharing Fund is, in most cases, a matching grant. Let's say your church has a member who is laid off and having trouble finding another job. In the interim between jobs, he incurs $1,000 in emergency expenses and your congregation provides $500 to help. Everence may match that $500 with a Sharing Fund grant. Grants are awarded based on need and the amount of money a congregation is eligible to receive. 

The Details

Grant eligibility

Everence Sharing Fund grant recipients include individuals, congregations or nonprofit organizations – even if they are not Everence members. Grants can be as much as $3,000 per year, depending on the eligible group. 

To receive a Sharing Fund grant, a representative from an Everence member congregation, regional chapter or employer submits a grant application on behalf of the intended recipient or organization. In most cases, Everence gives Sharing Fund grants as matching funds for money contributed by these eligible groups.

A Circle of Generosity

How grants are funded

As a nonprofit, 501(c)(8) fraternal organization, Everence enjoys a unique tax status. Instead of paying taxes like a commercial insurance company, we return this money to our members to help meet special needs. This pool of money makes up the core of the Sharing Fund, but it is far from the only source of funds.

Our members, staff and board make additional contributions – including through estate and will bequeaths – to the Sharing Fund each year as they would to a charity. And, through our corporate tithing, Everence contributes up to 30 percent of net financial gains to member benefits such as the Sharing Fund.