Banking and financial resources

Find and download some of the primary forms and resources for our services. 

Financial services

Donor advised fund

You can set up your donor advised fund online or download the following forms. Send the forms and a check of your first contribution (a minimum of $1,000) to Everence Foundation, 1110 N. Main St., P.O. Box 483, Goshen, IN 46527. 

Make a distribution

You can recommend a distribution in one of three ways:

  • Online through My Everence.
  • Through mail or fax by downloading the Distribution recommendation (PDF) and mailing or faxing to the number in the form. 
  • Through email to If you send a recommendation through email, please include:

    1. Donor name and address
    2. Charity name and address
    3. Disbursement amount
    4. Special instructions for gift distribution

Mennonite Retirement Trust

Access enrollment applications and documents for congregations, nonprofits and employees/plan participants. Find helpful information about plan options, investments and special situations.

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  • Routing number: 031389237
  • Switch Kit (PDF)
    Complete and return the Switch Kit to move your accounts from your previous financial institution to Everence. 
  • Shared branching information (PDF)
    Download this PDF to learn how you can do business with Everence Federal Credit Union at nearly 5,000 credit union branches nationwide! Or go to our map to see shared branches near you.
  • Change of address (PDF)
    Use this form to let us know that you're changing your address. 
  • Account changes English (PDF) | En español (PDF)
    Use this form to add/remove owners, products and services to your account. 
  • Account to account transfers (PDF)
    Use this form to set up transfers to/from your Everence Federal Credit Union account to/from another bank or credit union account in your name.
  • Membership application OnlineEnglish (PDF) | En español (PDF)
    Complete and return this form to open a personal credit union account. 
  • Membership disclosures (PDF)
    Learn more about the terms and conditions of your accounts and transactions with Everence.
  • Business account application English (PDF) | En español (PDF
    Complete and return this form to open a business credit union account. 
  • Service schedule (PDF)
    Download for details on the variety of services offered and fees. 
  • Wire transfer request form (PDF)
    Use this form to request a wire transfer, it includes all of the relevant information you'll need to provide. 

Credit and debit cards


  • Checking Courtesy Pay Opt Out English (PDF) | En español (PDF)
    Complete and return to waive the Courtesy Pay on your account. 


  • Savings rates (PDF)
    Download the complete list of savings rates for Everence Federal Credit Union savings accounts.



Health Savings Accounts

Access enrollment applications, forms and documents for HSA account holders and employers.


HSA account application See other resources