Charitable services for congregations

Looking ahead to your church's future?

There are many generous ways that your attenders can financially support the ministries of your church, beyond giving in the offering plate. Learn how Everence will partner with your church to inspire and encourage a wide variety of unique gifts.

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How we help

Benefits of partnership

Is your church ready to explore financial gifts in addition to those in your offering plate? If so, let's talk. Everence partners with you to sustain generosity and giving over the long term. 

A big-picture plan

We start with listening to your congregational and stewardship leaders. What is your vision, what are your ministries and needs?

Out stewardship consultants then can work with your church to pursue a plan of meaningful education, events or tools to support your future and your generous attenders over the long term. 

Educate and inspire

When it comes to unique gifts, the first step is often basic education with inspiring stories of other givers.

We offer workshops and training to attenders at events and in Sunday school and small-group settings. We highlight the advantages and joy that special gifts offer.

Creative giving tools

Then we work individually with attenders who want to turn unique assets (investments, collectibles, real estate and more) into gifts to your church to support its future.

We give counsel and assistance to set up charitable gifts, including through wills or estates. Many attenders are surprised that they can be more generous than they imagined.

Learn about creative giving tools.


Creating and managing funds 

Establish long-term support for your ministries with special or  endowment funds. In giving to these funds, attenders can joyfully support ministries they care passionately about.

Let Everence work with you in setting up and managing funds for missions, facilities, benevolence, service projects, education or other long-term ministries.

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