Church savings

Everence Federal Credit Union offers several types of savings options for churches and congregations. Bank with a company rooted in faith – one that shares your values for community and good stewardship.

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Primary savings

Start your savings

All accounts with Everence Federal Credit Union start with a primary savings account.

Primary savings

  • $5 minimum
    Start your Everence savings account with a minimum of $5. You may add more to this account anytime.
  • Earn dividends
    This account receives dividends based on current rates.
  • Transfer money
    Easily transfer money between your Everence checking and savings accounts.
  • Access on the go
    Use online and mobile banking options to see your balances and bank from anywhere.
  • Open other EFCU accounts
    With a primary savings account, you can open any other type of EFCU account.

Additional savings accounts

Other accounts to help you save

After opening a primary savings account, Everence Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings products to churches and congregations.


Everence Federal Credit Union has certificates available in maturities from six to 60 months with minimum balances of $500 to $100,000. Dividends are compounded quarterly. As with most certificates, penalties apply for early withdrawal.

Club accounts

In addition to a primary savings account, churches can set up club accounts and have them customized to your church needs. Churches may set up as many club accounts as they wish, for such things as children's departments, trustees, youth groups and other ministries. Club accounts do not have monthly maintenance fees and accounts above $50 accrue dividends.

Money markets1

Our money market accounts for churches earn dividends with limited check-writing privileges. There is no monthly fee if the daily balance does not fall below $2,500. You will receive six free checks or withdrawals each month. Fees apply for additional withdrawals2.

Simplified employee pension1

In addition to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) – traditional, Roth, and educational – Everence Federal Credit Union offers simplified employee pension (SEP) plan accounts for churches wanting this service for their employees.

Open a church savings account

We understand that all churches have different needs – start your savings account today by completing and returning an application, calling or visiting one of our offices. 

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To open a SEP, call (800) 451-5719 and ask to speak with an IRA representative, or email

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Everence is not just another credit union. We help our members put their values into practice, through mutual aid, community support and people helping people. We’ve developed ways to make this happen, by integrating unique features into our products and services.


Member benefits


1 Dividend rates vary according to balance.

2 A $10 fee occurs for each additional withdrawal.