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Jump start your savings

Everyone starts their savings journey in a different place and has different needs. Everence offers a variety of options to help you jump start your savings! 

0.25% APY1

Indexed money market

Our indexed money market rate changes when the Fed Funds rate shifts. Open and maintain $5,000 in the account and enjoy the features of our other money market account.

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1.00% APY2

Jubilee savings

Earn higher dividends on the first $1,000 in the account. 

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Primary savings accounts

Your share savings account is the start of your membership. After opening a savings account, you can open other types of EFCU accounts.

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Other Savings accounts

Other accounts to help you save

Set aside your money in other types of personal savings accounts to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals. We have a variety of account options to fit your needs.


Certificates are available in maturities from six to 60 months with balances starting at $500 to $100,000. Dividends are compounded quarterly. Penalties apply for early withdrawal.

Club accounts

Set up a club account to save up for a new vehicle, dream vacation or to manage your Christmas purchases in advance.

  • Customize the settings on your account to fit your goals.
  • Automate your savings with payroll deductions or automatic transfers into your club accounts.
  • Easily transfer money among your club account and your Everence checking and savings accounts.


We offer two kinds of individual retirement accounts:

  • Traditional
  • Roth

Everence also offers other IRA custodians to help you grow your IRA savings. 

Money market

Earn dividends with limited check-writing privileges. There is no monthly fee if the daily balance does not fall below $2,500. You will receive six free checks or withdrawals each month. Fees apply to additional withdrawals3.

Open a savings account and become a member

All accounts must begin with a share savings account. Then you can open other types of savings or loan accounts.

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Savings rates

Savings account APY4
Primary savings 0.05%
 Indexed money market1 0.25%
Jubilee savings2 1.00%
Youth savings2 2.00%
HSAs 0.10%
IRAs 0.15%
Certificates Up to 0.70%

Savings rate details

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Why make the switch?

Everence is not just another credit union. We help our members put their values into practice, through mutual aid, community support and people helping people. We've developed ways to make this happen, by integrating unique features into our products and services.

Member benefits


1 Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 4/1/2020 and applies to first $5,000. Lower APY applies to amounts over $5,000. All APYs are variable based on the Fed Funds Target Rate. Minimum deposit of $5,000 to open account. Fees may apply if balance falls under $5,000 or if monthly transaction limits exceeded. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer limited to one account per tax ID. Offer, including APYs, subject to change without notice.

2 Applies to the first $1,000 in the account then dividend rates vary according to account balance. Limited to an individual account - one per tax ID.

3 A $10 fee occurs for each additional withdrawal.

4 Dividend rates vary according to account balance and/or term. Rates are subject to change without notice. Highest current rates are listed.