Budget and debt counseling

If you are facing a difficult financial situation or need basic financial counsel about a mortgage, your credit report, student loans or even the household budget, Everence offers a compassionate and thoughtful service that can help.

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Confidential budget and debt counseling from a certified credit counselor is available to you at no cost. Everence has teamed up with LSS Financial Counseling to offer their Financial Choice service with up to six free sessions.

Since 2008, LSS Financial Counseling has helped slice $1.8 million in our participants' debt. LSS is one of the nation's leading consumer credit counseling agencies and has a 30-year history of providing nonprofit, certified financial counseling.

What can LSS help me with?

  • Financial issues related to losing a job
  • Money management and budgeting
  • Credit reports and improving credit scores
  • Debt repayment options
  • Student loan repayment issues
  • Preventing and resolving identity theft
  • Vehicle loan issues
  • Mortgage foreclosure and/or predatory lending
  • Home-buying readiness and mortgages

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Get free debt and budget counseling at (877) 809-0039. (Este servicio está disponible en español.)

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Additional information

LSS also offers counseling services through mail correspondence for Amish and related faith communities. Call LSS or your local Everence office to use this method of service.

Call (800) 348-7468 or visit any of our offices to talk to an Everence representative.

One couple's experience


Learn how one couple got out debt by working with an LSS counselor. Learn more about how you might benefit from working with LSS by contacting them today.


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