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Receive straightforward investment advice and service that can help you avoid laboring through hours of strategies. And instead, focus on what matters to you: the work you enjoy, family and friends, and service to church and community. 

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Robust advantages

Personalized, diversified, and well-managed investment portfolios that can fit your objectives, financial situation – with allocation and stewardship investing options that align with your values.
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A professional team

Our investment and fund managers offer technical expertise as they monitor domestic and international markets, research strategies and employ independent analysis. This helps ensure well-designed portfolios are available to meet your needs – now and for the long term. 
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Built on trust

We are committed to our fiduciary responsibility to you. This means we promise to manage your investments according to what’s best for your situation, and make recommendations based on your interests – not ours. 
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Stewardship investing

Your investment makes a difference through the selection of socially responsible investing (SRI) options. This includes faith-rooted fund selection, and options that reflect your values perspective:
– Full SRI
– Partial SRI
– SRI not required

As part of our approach, we'll take a clear-eyed assessment of your risk tolerance, investment horizon and your overall goals, and beliefs. Then, create a custom-fit investment plan that aligns with where you're headed. 

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Built for strength and opportunity

Instead of pursuing the latest trends, our investing approach features sound, long-term strategies that provide the opportunity for protecting and growing your resources, managing risk, so your resources can go to work. 

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You can expect to work with a qualified representative and supported by a team that will work to understand your needs – in a way that can be convenient for you – whether that's in person, by phone, online, or in other ways.

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Market Expertise

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Impact options

Investing with concern

The opportunity to use your finances to make an impact on the world is vitally important for many. You can select among the specific impact portfolios, or inquire about other customized options that align with specific concerns. 

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Green Priority Portfolio

The Everence® Green Priority Portfolio provides you with an investment option that aligns with a concern for the environment and for sustainability. If it is important that your investments reflect your priority for limited or reduced fossil fuel funds, environmental protection and ethical practices, this investing option may be right for you.

For more details, download the portfolio information sheet (PDF)
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Peace in Palestine and Israel Portfolio

An investing option that aligns with the desire to promote peace within a troubled region. See how we apply an extra level of diligence to fund selection with a concern toward a social objective. 

For more details,download the portfolio information sheet (PDF).


Traditional Values Portfolio

This portfolio offers you an investment option that aligns with traditional biblical values. If you are looking for a way to align your personal faith convictions with your financial investment choices, this investing option may be right for you.

For more details, download the portfolio information sheet (PDF). 


Investment management provided through Everence Trust Company, an affiliate of Everence.
Investments are subject to market fluctuations, may lose value, and are not subject to any company or government guarantees.