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You may not realize all of the tools available to help you start making a difference in the world today. You can make an impact for generations to come through charitable planning and approaches. Learn more about the ways you can pass on your values.

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Why should I start giving back?

Giving back to your community is a great way to continually live out your faith. God calls us to give as we can and make a difference in this world. Find a cause that you support, make a connection with that organization, and see what your charitable giving can do. Giving back can also increase your tax deduction, providing potential savings to you while supporting a good cause.

How Everence can help

If you are considering taking the next step in deciding whether to give back to your community, let Everence help. An Everence representative can have a conversation with you to learn about your values and your financial situation and help you develop a plan. Talk with an Everence representative today.

Can’t I just leave my assets to a charity in my will?

Yes, your will is one great way to leave an impact at the end of life. But if you want to start giving sooner, there are ways you can benefit your most valued charities now, while you are still here. Find out what your other gift options are. 

How can Everence help

Everence is a strong supporter of finding ways to plan how you want to give charitably throughout your life. An Everence representative can help you think about creative ways you can reflect your faith and provide for your loved ones. 

What types of gifts can I give?

There are a wide variety of gifts – beyond cash gifts – you can give that will have a real and lasting impact, including:

Securities: This is a long-term gift that includes stocks and bonds and is an easy way you can start to make your charitable difference. You have the option of donating all or a portion of your asset.

Real estate: A gift of property could include your home, farmland, vacation property, vacant land, a ranch or even commercial property.

Life insurance: Once your life insurance is no longer needed and will not benefit your survivors, you could consider donating your policy as a way to make a meaningful gift to a charity.

Farm commodities: You can turn your crops into gifts. Not only is this a way to give back, but you can also deduct the cost of production from your taxes.

Retirement assets: Your retirement assets are an excellent way to make a gift to the charities that you care about. It also is a way to satisfy your required minimum distributions and reduce taxable income.

How Everence can help

An Everence representative can work with you to help you carry out your charitable intentions and guide you through some of the complexities that come with giving. We can help you determine your options and guide you along the process of deciding which assets you would like to convert into a lasting impact.

What are my options for setting up my charitable giving?

Each plan is customized to fit your financial situation, current income, future expectations and your goals. You can choose to give in a way that provides steady income payments for yourself with a charitable gift annuity, or choose a donor advised fund where you regularly control when your assets are used and who receives the gifts.

How Everence can help

Everence offers many services and tools to help you plan your giving. Explore various gift options on our website, or talk with an Everence representative who can work with you to figure out a personalized plan that helps you carry out your giving goals.

See how Mary Oyer made a unique gift of a cherished cello to fund a donor advised fund and further her impact.


I have some assets to donate, but still need some of the money myself. What are my options?

There are gifts that allow you to support your charities of choice while at the same time providing steady payments and flexibility. A charitable gift annuity will give you lifetime payments, and you will designate which charity or charities get the remainder. You will be able to deduct a significant part of your gift from your taxes. Charitable gift annuities are a tool that can help you support charities while at the same time, supporting yourself.

How Everence can help

An Everence representative can help you determine what gift option is the right one for you depending on your own financial needs and charitable desires. You can also use our calculator at to help determine the potential payments and tax advantages of this gift plan. 

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