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Long-term care insurance* protects your family from the high cost of long-term nursing home or home health care. 

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Long-term care insurance basics

Protect yourself from the costs of long-term care

Did you know that health insurance and Medicare don’t pay for the majority of long-term care services? That’s why it might be worth considering purchasing long-term care insurance. The likelihood that a person will need long-term care is significant, and its costs can have a devastating impact on a family’s savings.

What can long-term care insurance do?

  • Protect your family from the costs of care
  • Preserve retirement and other savings

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Costs of care

How much does long-term care cost a family?

Long-term care can be provided in a patient’s home, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Costs for long-term care are significant. Below are national averages** for several types of care: 

Type Cost
Home health aide $21 per hour
Assisted living facility $3,293 per month
Skilled nursing facility (semi-private room) $6,235 per month

Long-term care fast facts

  • About 70 percent of people older than 65 will need long-term care services at some point.**
  • About 12 million Americans currently need long-term services.**
  • Thirty-seven percent of people now receiving long-term care services are between the ages of 18-64.**
  • Medicare generally doesn't cover long-term care stays (room and board) in a nursing home.***

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* Long term care insurance products are sold through a third party brokerage arrangement

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