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Find high-quality, biblically based educational resources to help you and your church embrace healthy Christian stewardship. Books, videos, DVDs and curriculum are designed for church leaders, individuals, small groups and Christian educators.

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But it's only a story

People remember stories. Maybe that's why Jesus told so many. Talking about money is uncomfortable, but hearing stories from Jesus on this important topic can spark life-changing conversations. This four-session curriculum can inspire your attenders toward better thinking and decisions about money from a spiritual perspective.

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Generous living in a self-centered world

Learn about the variety of generosity models found in scripture and reflect on the models that shape generosity patterns in our own lives. Start with Cain and Abel and end with the Apostle Paul, exploring biblical stories and the connection with our first-world American context.

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The Gospel of Luke: the relationship between salvation, discipleship and wealth

Twelve key passages in Luke's gospel highlight stories from Jesus about wealth, poverty and generosity. Use this resource for small groups or for sermon-starter ideas.

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All the days of my life

Delve into your full life experience, reflecting on your past, focusing on the present and preparing for the future. To envision the broad stretch of your life, the curriculum taps into the creative imagination of 19th-century artist Thomas Cole, who expressed the drama of the human journey.

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End of life

One of our most popular and timeless topics that affect us all eventually – the end of life.  

Our End-of-life curriculum is made up of valuable and insightful ideas about how you can make your final transition in life peaceful and grace-filled for you and your family. 

See our toolkit and guide on how to present this vital information.

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Your new money mindset

This group-study book challenges your attitudes about money and how they fit with an open-hearted approach to life. Authors Brad Hewitt, CEO of the faith-based Thrivent Financial, and James Moline, Ph.D., a Christian psychologist, look at integrating our faith with our financial decisions. They urge us to fully embrace how our use of money reflects what it means to follow Jesus. Take an online personal money assessment to reflect on your personal journey. 

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Additional resources

Generosity: A animated video on generosity that compares our sense of scarcity with God's real abundance. Produced by The Bible Project.

Stewards of grace; This group-study book covers the broad scope of holistic stewardship, with both teacher and participant sections. Introduction l Creation l HealthMoneyRelationshipsTalentTimeMayordomos de la Gracia

Household finances from a Christian perspective: This Everence-led workshop series can be customized to help small groups tackle such everyday issues as dealing with debt and developing a personal financial strategy. Learn more from your stewardship consultant.

Church leaders

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Bounty: 10 ways to increase giving at your church

Explore the critical spiritual component of stewardship development in 10 doable, transformative steps. Hear how to lead your congregation in growing in generosity, based on the sound rationale and wisdom of real-church experience. Bounty equips you to shift hearts and pocketbooks.

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Embracing stewardship

Two authors from different generations team up in this easy-to-understand and practical book to help you gain a mix of tried-and-true strategies and new approaches to help your faith community become confident, competent, generous stewards. Learn eight pathways your congregation can follow to deepen your attenders’ understanding as stewards of God's bounty.

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Church and Nonprofit Tax and Financial Guide

The current edition of this tax guide, from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, helps church leaders and treasurers become more informed about legal issues for clergy compensation and benefits.

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Minister's Tax and Financial Guide

The current edition of tax guide, from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, helps guide pastors on the housing allowance, compensation and fringe benefits, business and professional expenses, and income and Social Security taxes.

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30 Days of Generosity

Do members of your congregation know every financial decision they make is also a spiritual one? Encouraging their hearts to give generously can be a challenge. This four-week interactive guide for your church members engages the hearts and minds of your church family.

Intro | Week 1 |  Week 2  | Week 3  | Week 4

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Cultivating Generous Congregations

Drawing on deep research and expertise on religious giving, this training seminar helps you and your leadership team rethink your role in congregational finances and how to awaken a spirit of generosity within your faith community. Everence and Lake Institute on Faith & Giving partner to offer this seminar to congregations at an affordable cost.

Hear two churches' experiences with CGC. Watch video below.

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Additional resources

Church finance manual: A source of ways to organize your stewardship ministry team, church budgeting aids, sample church finance policies and more.

Firstfruits: A Stewardship Guide for Church Leaders: The biggest challenge the church will face is not a matter of doctrine, but one more practical: How will we handle our wealth? Gain inspiring, provocative and challenging counsel to transform thoughtless givers into thankful believers. The author is a pastor and frequent speaker at stewardship conferences, serving as director of Back to God Ministries International. 

Ministry and money: Get help for your congregation to be more intentional about promoting Christian stewardship. It’s an educational opportunity that prepares you to guide people in your pews.

Year-Round Congregational Stewardship: Six Best Practices: A guide to help your leadership team to assess the stewardship initiatives you currently have in place as well as areas that may not be reflected now in your congregation’s stewardship plan. 

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Learn how the seminar, Cultivating Generous Congregations, inspired change in churches in Indiana and Pennsylvania. (Previously called Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity.)


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Money Matters for Youth

A high school curriculum on stewardship for Sunday school and youth groups. (Financial Foundations, a longer curriculum for schools and homeschooling parents, is also available, upon request.)

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Real life: waking up to God's creation

This study guide offers three lessons that bring together biblical study and real-life topics. Several activities are included with each lesson, so choose which activities and discussions are most pertinent to your group in your setting.

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Real-life talk about money: navigating the money maze

A three-session curriculum to help you go a little deeper into the subject of money as you spend time in the Bible and reflect on real-life money matters. Review biblical texts, along with commentary and activities that help apply biblical principles to real-life situations in the lives of young people.

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Everence offers webinars for your attenders and leaders to learn more about faith and finances. Here you can listen to the recordings of past webinars.

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Financial coaching

Our financial coaching ministry helps congregations take the next step to help people deal with budget, debt and savings habits. The first step is identifying people with a passion to walk with and help others with their finances.


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