Wills and legacy planning

For life’s transitions and big moments, make your wishes known ahead of time, so you’re able to fulfill your faithful, caring, and charitable intentions.

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The importance of a will

No matter how large or small your estate, a will should be one of your first acts of stewardship. It’s a chance to care for those you love: family, friends, the church and missions you care about.

Wills grant: Everence provides a will preparation grant as a benefit to its members. Download the application.


A pathway for giving

You can make gifts through your wills, trusts and estate planning, which can provide a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Reflect your faith

Some see wills and estate plans as a final statement that shows their Christian commitment and beliefs, and the sharing of God’s resources and blessings.

Provide for love ones

 A will is a vital document to have when one has minor children, so that parents can appoint a guardian in the event both parents pass away.

Clarity and peace of mind

A will, with clear directions for distributing assets, can help reduce the risk of family tension and avoid the need and possible expense for the state to decide how assets are distributed.

Will gifts

Thinking through the process

How much you designate to charity through your will often depends on the economic needs of your loved ones. A greater portion may be left to charity if your heirs are self-sufficient. 

A common charitable bequest is a 10 percent tithe. Others view charity as another “child” to include in the even distribution of assets. For example, if you have three children, you may divide your estate four ways, with the fourth directed to charity.

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We can help you think through how you can grow your faithful giving and more through legacy planning.

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Trust gifts

Streamlining the complex

A trust is a document that describes how your property and other assets are managed for the benefit of others, and it include two basic types of trusts.

Testamentary trusts

Set up through your will upon death. With this type, you can spread out payments from the trust over time to heirs or charities.

Living trusts

Established while you are alive, you can name yourself someone else as the trustee, or as a successor. This type can provide continuous management of your assets.

giving by design

Design your life with intention and meaning

Trusts can be designed by their primary purpose, such as managing assets in service of charitable giving and dividing up distributions. They can also be part of overall financial and estate planning.

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Making your wishes known

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Free guide

Check out our jam-packed informational guide to help you think about life’s big moments of transition, including insights on directives for medical treatment, estate planning, personal representatives and thinking about passing along your memories, faith values and legacy.

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