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Everyday Stewardship is our flagship magazine published three times a year for Everence members. It offers educational columns plus popular stories of inspiring, real people who share some of the financial, health and other stewardship issues in their lives.

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The Wilders
Matt and Elizabeth Troyer-Miller, seen here with their children at their home in Wood River, Nebraska, are deeply involved in supporting their community. 


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Regina Shands Stoltzfus

Everyday Stewardship

God's people

Regina Shands Stoltzfus earns Everence National Journey Award

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Everyday Stewardship cover, fall 2021

Fall 2021

Regina Shands Stoltzfus is the recipient of the 2021 Everence National Journey Award.


Everyday Stewardship Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Roger and Jane Stichter of Winona Lake, Indiana, are showing how we can become more generous.


Cover, spring 2021

Spring 2021

In March 2020, everyday life transformed. The COVID-19 pandemic touched all aspects of life, and communities of faith have been especially affected.


Everyday Stewardship cover

Fall 2020

Find out just a few of the reasons why Everence® recently presented our National Journey Award to Don Schierling of Denver, Colorado, a remarkable person who shares his faith through his actions.


Everence vine brandmark over photo collage with green wash.

Summer 2020

This year, 2020, marks 75 years since Everence® started as Mennonite Mutual Aid. A lot has happened in 75 years of combining faith and finances.


Everyday Stewardship 2020 - National Journey Award for Jay Lehman

Spring 2020

Jay Lehman has a legacy of helping when help is needed. 


Summer-Fall 2019

Summer/Fall 2019

A new Everence office in Philadelphia demonstrates a commitment to helping people reach their financial goals.


Kevin Ressler (elderly man with hat) of Meals on Wheels of Lancaster (Pennsylvania),  talks with volunteer Dan Cooper (man with glasses) Everyday Stewardship cover, spring 2019

Spring 2019

What's special about Meals on Wheels of Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Try delivering meals to more than 400 clients daily and managing a staff of 10 employees and 500 or so volunteers.


Sonido de Alabanza pastor Sergio Nava poses inside church construction for the cover of Everyday Stewardship Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Sonido de Alabanza is growing and moving into a new two-story facility that will serve as a worship center and hub of activity in the Chicago suburb of Cicero, Illinois.


Everyday Stewardship Summer cover 2018

Summer 2018

Elaine Gammell needed a new kidney. Harold Nussbaum and Kyle Roy each donated a kidney, even though ...


Man cleaning off solar panel

Spring 2018

Chris Meyer, his wife, Erin Gotwals, and their son live in a house that exemplifies sustainable living ...


Michelle and John Sharp pose with painting of their son, Michael (MJ) Sharp

Fall 2017

MJ Sharp worked with the United Nations and before that, with MCC, to promote peace in ...


Summer 2017

When people in Denver got together to help the homeless, they built a special type of village that features ...


Sabrina Sigal Falls plays the piano in front of husband David Falls and dog on couch

Spring 2017

We've heard the expression about change being the only constant in life, but when change involves...


Elderly couple Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez stand in kitchen cooking a meal

Fall 2016

Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez are grateful that some of the financial actions they took have led to...


90 year old Goshen (Indiana) College Professor Mary K. Oyer  holds a one-string fiddle

Summer 2016

Longtime Goshen (Indiana) College Professor Mary K. Oyer holds a one-string fiddle known as a...


Brenda Brown and Talisa Lopez-Garcia (who is enjoying her retirement) sit facing each other while sitting on a step talking

Spring 2016

One thing Brenda doesn't have to worry about in retirement is her health coverage and...


3 mature men Dean Denner, Bill Dorsett and Dave Redmon check on solar panels

Fall 2015

Dean Denner, Bill Dorsett and Dave Redmon check on solar panels to ensure things are...


Bruce Strum and volunteers in the background digging to prepare the garden plots at Jacob’s Well Community Garden

Summer 2015

Bruce Strum and volunteers prepare the garden plots at Jacob's Well Community Garden...


Everence members Hannah and Andy Richter build a snowman in the winter with snow around them in front of home

Spring 2015

Everence members Hannah and Andy Richter settle in a new community for a new...


The Millers encourage their children to save, a practice that has allowed them to bless others.

Fall 2014

The Millers encourage their children to save, a practice that has allowed them to bless others.


Student loan experiment (SLED) group with baby talking in front of church

Summer 2014

Pittsburgh young adults work together to reduce college debit, resulting in...