Planned giving

You can stretch the possibilities of generosity through the many and flexible advantages of planned giving, which allows you to direct your gift-giving, realize tax advantages and make a world of difference. 

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Watch how Maurice and Opal Stahly used planned giving to involve family members in their legacy of charitable giving. 


Giving that grows with you

Create a giving plan that enables you to give generously to the ministries you care about most. By working with Everence, you benefit from our years of experience and knowledge about the unique ways you can support your charities.
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Express your values

Many people find planned giving an exceptional way to practice their values, remember a loved one, and help contribute to the church organizations, missions and other nonprofits and programs they love.
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Leave a lasting legacy

Make lifetime or testamentary gifts in an organized way, to accomplish your charitable goals as part of an overall financial journey – and select among plans that can give now, give later, and give back to you. 
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Make the most of your resources

You can donate many assets beyond cash, like securities, real estate, farm commodities, life insurance, IRAs and other retirement accounts, and more. Anything that can be valued and sold usually can be accepted as a gift for charity.

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Be efficient with your taxes

Planned giving tools offer a number of ways to be tax-efficient with your assets and financial planning. Gifts may allow for immediate tax deductions, a reduction of capital gains taxes when applicable, and ways for beneficiaries like heirs, church organizations and other nonprofits to make the most of the gifts they receive.
There's typically a lot of joy in the process. Joy on the part of the donor who is able to make the gift they wanted to make, joy on the part of the nonprofit to receive the gift, and joy on the part of the people who will benefit far into the future."
An Everence charitable consultant on working with donors and nonprofit organizations

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Your options

Carrying out an expression of faith

Planned giving options give you a range of ways to carry out your faith and compassions for others. It is truly helping out our neighbors and the broader community we all share. Let us help you with the details, guidance and options. And then you can focus on the heart of the matter. 

Explore possibilities

You can take a more detailed look at gift planning options and calculate what certain specific gift scenarios may look like, using the online calculators.  

Gift calculators

Your overall financial future

One of the best ways to see how generous you can be, how you can pass on assets to heirs, and how you can enjoy a confident retirement and future is by having a trusted professional review your overall situation and make recommendations you may not have thought of.  

Financial planning

Supporting the organizations close to your heart is one of life's greatest joys. By planning your charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than by simply writing a check. Let us help.

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Through the Portfolio Link you can review detailed portfolio information including: portfolio summary, current holdings, transaction activity, account summary, investment details, and tax lot listings.

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