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Figuring out which is the best Part D drug plan is often confusing. We can help you review your medications and then recommend plan choices that fit your needs and your budget.

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Medicare Part D provides prescription coverage for everyone eligible for Medicare.

We offer assistance to help you review your current plan and compare it to all other available plans. Part D plans change every year. Make sure to review them with a financial representative.

By taking advantage of this service, you aren’t restricted to any plan or company, but you still benefit from our knowledge and experience with Medicare Part D. Typically, Everence representatives do not receive commission payments for helping you with Part D plans. Most representatives charge you only a modest fee.

If you are satisfied with your current coverage, you do nothing. Your Part D coverage will continue with your same insurer.

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Look at these quick tips and a benefit graphic to help you take the best advantage of the Medicare Part D website when reviewing your plan choices:

Medicare Part D Plan Finder: Quick tips

2017 Medicare Part D standard benefit design


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