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Grow your ability to make a world of difference with charitable planning, tools and approaches that can offer you advantages today and tomorrow - and that can make an impact for generations to come. Entrust us and Everence Foundation to help you reach your goals for giving. 

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Watch how Carol and Ed Nofziger's charitable giving has supported Adriel to impact the lives of others. 

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Opportunities to grow your impact

A range of plans are available for giving that is right for your financial situation, current income, future expectations, your goals and how you would like to pass on your values to family, other heirs and church and charitable organizations. 

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Donor advised fund

An easy and flexible way to grow funds intended for charitable giving – and the opportunity to select the charities that can benefit from your giving.

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Warren and Teresa Eshbach

Charitable gift annuities

Give a gift that gives back. You can realize a steady stream of payments and know that you’ll be making a profound impact on the missions and ministries you support.

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Charitable trusts

Add flexibility and control over more extensive charitable contributions and divide how and when your assets are used between charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries. 

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Planned giving

Selecting and using a well-structured giving approach that offers tax efficiencies, can reward you as a donor, your heirs, other beneficiaries and the charitable organizations you choose.

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Types of gifts

You can give more than you may have thought possible. See how we can help you turn gifts, contributions and donations into the powerful potential of lives saved and lives helped. 

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Wills and legacy planning

Give through your will and estate plan and know how you’ll make a mark on this world for the future – as you put your Christian beliefs and stewardship ideals to work today.

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At Everence, we see generosity as an important part of developing and carrying out your overall financial planning, which includes your trust and estate planning, and the ability to grow your capacity to give through investment planning and more.

Ask us about the services resources to help you get started and keep you on your financial path. 

Here to walk with you

We take a personalized, relationship-oriented approach to help you create a charitable and financial plan that is right for you.

Contact us today and take a small step to get started. 

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Inspiring impact

A profound difference created by faithful giving

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In 2020, donors contributed $79.6 million through Everence Charitable Services. And $61.1 million in distributions was made based on donor recommendations.  

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Generations of generosity

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As a donor-advised foundation, we serve as a pass-through charitable organization to make your giving easier, more flexible and simplified.

We've helped thousands of people and organizations grow their stewardship and giving since 1952. We've appreciated the trust, relationships and community that has taken root and born fruit over generations.

Watch how a family carries on a tradition of faithful generosity

See how Maurice and Opal Stahly's family has carried on their spirit of giving. 

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Manage your generosity with our Portfolio Link

Through the Portfolio Link you can review detailed portfolio information including: portfolio summary, current holdings, transaction activity, account summary, investment details, and tax lot listings. 

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Gift plans administered by Everence Foundation. Investment services provided through Everence Trust Company.