Mennonite Retirement Trust

Offer your valued employees and pastors a retirement plan from Mennonite Retirement Trust, administered by Everence. This plan makes it simple – and cost-efficient – for Mennonite/Anabaptist churches and affiliated nonprofits to provide staff with an important employee benefit.

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Benefit for nonprofits and churches 

It's easy to set up affordable retirement savings accounts through Mennonite Retirement Trust. As your partner, Everence will help you administer the plan, while also providing the support you and your staff need.

Affordable costs

Unlike many retirement plans, MRT has no set-up costs or document fees. Plus the administrative costs are affordable, because they’re shared across a large group of peer organizations and congregations.

Comprehensive service

Through Everence and our partner Empower, you and your employees have easy online access. And administrators and employees have access to financial professionals and customer service staff for in-person and phone meetings and conversations.

Flexibility and less reporting

As a church plan, MRT offers employers great flexibility and fewer reporting requirements than other types of retirement plans.

Benefits for staff and pastors

Target-date and risk-based portfolios

Make it easy for employees to choose their investments with target-date portfolios and risk-based portfolios. Employees also can create their own portfolios from a broad range of investment options.

Socially responsible options

Your employees can align their retirement investments with their faith and values with socially responsible investing choices. Non-SRI choices are also available.


Housing allowance and lifetime income

Once they retire, pastors can claim a housing allowance on their MRT retirement income. Upon retirement, all plan participants can select from several income distribution options. Read more.

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Find out if MRT is right for your church or organization. 

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(800) 348-7468 ext. 2471

Customer service

Congregations and nonprofits

Empower provides account administration services to your organization.

Quick employer access

Online account administration

Enhanced Plan Sponsor Experience: Tools and resources to easily manage your plan.


  • Account administration, payroll, investments and contributions
    Empower, (800) 298-4801
  • General information
    Everence, (800) 348-7468 ext. 2471 l

Need more help?

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Employees and pastors

Access your account online through My Everence.

New participant experience: Use your online retirement account page to keep on track for retirement – and more.

Not set up yet? Learn how to go paperless and access your MRT account on My Everence (PDF).


  • Your employer’s benefits administrator: Often the first person to contact about your MRT plan.
  • Empower: For personal account information, plan and investment options, call (800) 298-4801.
  • Everence financial professionals: Through MRT, you receive complementary and personalized advice on making investment decisions, retirement planning and other financial needs.
  • Everence customer service: For other MRT issues, email or call (800) 348-7468 ext. 2471.

Need general information?

See resources below.


Here's quick access to downloadable MRT resources.


For congregations and nonprofits

MRT Administrative Manual



Eligibility and enrollment





Rollovers and transfers



To enroll in MRT

401(a) plan (adoption agreements)

403(b) plan

Plan documents

Special resources

For employees/plan participants

To make investment decisions

To keep your savings rate on track and learn how to save effectively

Options when leaving employment or retiring

Special resources


Mennonite Retirement Trust is sponsored by Mennonite Church USA and is available to other Anabaptist congregations and organizations. It is administered by Everence. MRT and Everence partner with Empower Retirement to provide enhanced account management and retirement planning tools to you and participating employees.

Everence is not affiliated with Empower Retirement.

The MRT Target-Date and Risk-Based portfolios incorporate Everence stewardship investing guidelines. Certain mutual funds available for participant choice were selected for their screens, market coverage and performance characteristics, but are not aligned with Everence stewardship investing guidelines. Please see the description of each fund for a more detailed description of fund characteristics.