Donor advised fund

Express your generosity in a simple, streamlined and flexible way. Opening a donor advised fund allows you to make a wide range of gifts, and grow the ability to make a profound difference today and in the future. 

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See how Mary Oyer made a unique gift of a cherished cello to fund a donor advised fund and further her impact. 

How it works

Simple generosity

Starting a donor advised fund is easy. First you make a contribution of cash or other assets with a fair market value, then you recommend how and when those funds are distributed to your favorite charities.1


Benefits beyond the basics

There are good reasons why donor advised funds have been growing in popularity. The versatility, convenience and potential tax advantages make them an attractive choice for individuals, families and organizations to give. 


Streamline your charitable giving based on your schedule and plan – and easily make contributions, change charitable recommendations, make distributions, and view account activity online.


Receive an immediate tax deduction, even if you make charitable distributions later, so you're able to level your giving between higher-income and lower-income years.


Convert non-cash assets to cash through our donor advised fund, and extend your generosity beyond what you may have thought possible.


For qualified accounts, an option to invest so that your funds may grow, tax-free, over time to strengthen your charitable giving. And faith-rooted investments are among the possibilities available to you. 


An instrument of generosity

Who could have known when Mary Oyer started playing cello in sixth grade that it would help her generously support causes dear to her heart when she was in her 90s?


Read Mary's story

Contribution options

Designed for you

Three options allow you to select the right donor advised level, which can allow you to make the most of this opportunity and find the right fit in your financial life. 


With a minimum initial contribution and at least a monthly balance of $1,000, you can make nine distributions per quarter and receive account updates and monitoring.


With a minimum initial contribution and monthly balance of $10,000, you can make 15 distributions per quarter. Also, receive earnings on your balance and invest using available investment portfolios.


With a minimum initial contribution and at least a monthly balance of $30,000, you can make unlimited distributions per quarter. Also, receive earnings on your balance and invest within two options: investment portfolios and impact investing2.

Unsure which option makes the most sense for you? We can help. Talk to a representative or find an Everence office that serves you, to see how setting up an account can fit in your overall financial plan and goals. 

Setting up a donor advised fund was "...a very smooth process. I can't imagine it going better than it did."
Mary K. Oyer
Everence member and retired Goshen College professor

Open an account online today

It's simple to set up and get started

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Open a donor advised fund by mail

Send your completed application, charitable gift recommendation and memo of understanding documents to Everence Foundation.

Include a check for your contribution (minimum of $1,000).

1110 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 483
Goshen, IN 46527

For additional help, just call (800) 348-7468.

Make a distribution

Support the charities you love

You can recommend a distribution by accessing your account online.

You may also use the distribution recommendation form and send it by email, postal mail or by fax. When sending distribution recommendations by fax or email, please include:

  • Donor name and address
  • Charity name and address
  • Disbursement amount
  • Special instructions for gift distribution


Access your account

Balances and fees

Balances and fees

An average monthly balance below $1,000, or a dormant account for three or more years, both incur a $25 annual fee.

Electronic or paper statements are available for balances above $5,000. For balances of $4,999 or less, electronic statements are available (or $10 for annual paper statements).

Investment advisory fees1 for accounts using the Patron or Philanthropist investment options are 1.5 percent annually (charged quarterly).

Portfolio link

Manage your generosity with our Portfolio Link

Through the Portfolio Link you can review detailed portfolio information including: portfolio summary, current holdings, transaction activity, account summary, investment details, and tax lot listings. 

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Everence Charitable Services is administered by Everence Foundation and/or Everence Trust Company.

1Assets contributed to the donor advised fund become the property of Everence Foundation and the donor retains no legal control over the gift. Instead, the donor is entitled to give non-binding advice to the foundation about the distribution of the funds.

2The impact investing option requires an additional $100 set-up fee.