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Need to find a provider? Just look below.Everence also offers valuable services and tools – to help you take advantage of your health plan, take care of your health and save you time and money. 

PREFERRED Provider organizations

Find a provider

Which is my PPO? Find your Preferred provider organization (PPO) network’s name on your Everence health membership card. 

How do I search? Click on your PPO below. Most PPO listings can be searched by medical specialty or geographic region. Listings are alphabetical and indicate primary service area of network.

Which providers are included? Medical facilities and providers that participate in your health care network. However, the providers in networks are constantly changing, and the online listing may not be up to date. Before choosing a provider and receiving care, confirm that the provider is in your PPO network by contacting the provider or network.

PPO Network

Primary Service Area

Cigna (Choice Fund PPO)*


Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield


 Multiplan  Nationwide


 National and international 

Sagamore Health Network


Availability: Not all services are available in all areas listed.

Learn more: Call the PPO’s phone number on your membership card if you have questions.


*The Cigna PPO Network refers to the health care providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists) contracted as part of the Cigna PPO Network for Shared Administration

Online services

Make your life easier. Sign up for automatic bill payments. Get quick access to the medical expense and claim information you need.

Go paperless

Medicare supplement plan members: You can make bill payment much easier. Sign up for electronic payment of your premiums by completing this form. And learn more about how to go paperless.

Access health claims

Get your medical expense information quickly.

Medicare supplement plan members

Employer health plan members

Enjoy the Exercise - and the savings

Wellness benefit

Because exercise has great health benefits, Everence helps cover fitness costs for you as a Medicare Supplement member.

You can receive up to $10 a month ($120 a year) to help cover fitness classes or gym memberships.

Get reimbursed
Simply download this reimbursement form (includes a Q&A) and send it back with a copy of your receipt.

Common questions are answered in the Q&A section on the back of the reimbursement form. Or, contact Member Services at (800) 348-7468, ext. 2460 or

Special benefit

Access hearing discounts

Your hearing diagnostics and hearing aids can often be expensive and are not covered by most health plans. We can help you explore solutions to the high cost.

You have the opportunity to receive lower prices on hearing diagnostics and hearing aids, thanks to an arrangement between Everence and EPIC Hearing Health Care.

Through EPIC, Everence provides you with the opportunity to receive the most appropriate tests, services, and technology for the best price. It is not an insurance plan, but a program to enable you to access lower prices than you can get on your own. And it’s completely voluntary, with no additional monthly cost to you.

For more information about how this program can help you or someone in your family, download this brochureThe EPIC network may not be available in all regions.