Congregational services

Your church has a stewardship partner in Everence. We work with your pastors and leaders to pursue your church's mission and vision with a supportive stewardship ministry that encourages and inspires generosity.

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Pastor and church leader resources

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More than 2,300 Bible passages address stewardship issues. How does your church want to talk about and live out biblical stewardship? Everence offers a wide variety of resources to your church to enhance and advance your stewardship ministry.

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Stewardship advocates

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Want to learn how a stewardship advocate can contribute to your congregation? These volunteers work with pastors and other leaders to support your stewardship ministry.

Advocates, work with your Everence stewardship consultant to take advantage of resources to strengthen stewardship in your congregation.

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Charitable services

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There are many generous ways that your attenders can financially support the ministries of your church, beyond giving in the offering plate. Learn how Everence partners with your church to inspire and encourage a wide variety of unique gifts.

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Banking services

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Everence Federal Credit Union has services to meet the special financial needs of churches. This includes the church itself and its employees.

Learn about our unique MyNeighbor credit credit that your staff or attenders can use to donate rewards to your church.

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Pastor and staff benefits

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Everence partners with denominations and networks to offer important benefits to support their valued pastors and staff. Retirement, health and other employee benefit plans are available, including through Mennonite Retirement TrustFriends Retirement Plan and The Brethren Church.

Trusted financial advisors

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stors, our financial advisors understand your unique needs and work with many of your peers to become more financially stable and plan for the future.

Learn about our financial planning grant specifically for pastors.

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What are the stewardship needs of your congregation? Everence financial and stewardship staff understand the unique challenges that faith communities face.

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