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More than 2,300 Bible passages address money. How does your church want to talk about and live out biblical-based financial stewardship? Find resources to inspire, teach and encourage your attenders.

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Stewardship ministry

How do you want to move ahead with your financial stewardship ministry at your congregation? The Stewardship Ministry Wheel is one way to help congregations think about the holistic view of their financial stewardship ministries.


Stewardship Ministry Wheel

Our stewardship consultants work with your leaders to move ahead on your stewardship ministry, and can bring in Everence financial advisors who understand the unique challenges that faith communities face.

Stewardship ministry resources: A church's stewardship ministry is a year-round process. Use these resources to understand what is working well in your church, and what might use more attention.

  Stewardship ministry wheel

  Stewardship ministry wheel introduction

  Stewardship ministry assessment tool

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Sermon and worship resources

Worship resources are one of the most popular requests from pastors. You can download these resources (all PDFs) to broaden and enrich your stewardship preaching and worship services.

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Stewardship Sunday 2022

This worship guide offers an exegetical summary of John 5:1-15, the healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda, from the unique perspective of stewardship. As a pastor, you will embody this message in a way that resonates in your own spirit to reach your faith community. Within this outline, there are various resources to adapt for your worship service.

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Stewardship Sunday 2021

Proverbs 30:7-9a is a short and powerful text often referred to as the Prayer of Agur. The phrase that stands out is when Agur prays, “Don’t make me either poor or rich, but give me only the bread I need each day.” A pretty bold request.

Share this stewardship story in your church, using the overview below that includes sermon and worship ideas for this special Sunday. 

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Joseph as steward, walking in desert

Stewardship Sunday 2020

What would you do if you were walking in the sandals of Joseph, working in the court of Pharaoh? In Exodus 1, he was the right-hand man of a dictator. This role was fraught with moral dilemmas that arise when God’s Kingdom and Pharaoh’s empire collide.

Share this stewardship story in your church, using the overview below that includes sermon and worship ideas for this special Sunday. 

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Generosity: The fruit of gratitude

Stewardship Sunday 2019

Look at Luke 7:36-50. This passage contrasts a Pharisee and a woman, focusing on their displays of gratitude and generosity. It ties together forgiveness, grace, love, gratitude and generosity in a powerful way, through the actions of a sinful woman, the response of a Pharisee and one of Jesus’ captivating stories about a benevolent moneylender.

Share this stewardship story in your church, using the overview below that includes sermon and worship ideas for this special Sunday. 

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Education and services

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For pastors and leaders

Everence can partner with pastors and lay leaders to map out a stewardship plan for a congregation that supports its vision and ministries.

Stewardship education: To support this planning effort, Everence offers a range of workshops, webinars and educational events to inspire and train pastors and lay leaders. Plus, we create and vet many resources for individual and group use.

Congregational services: Everence connects and supports churches in many ways, supporting with financial resources, charitable giving assistance and more.

Pastor Financial Wellness Program: Supports pastors' financial well-being with grants, subsidies, resources and events.

Congregational Stewardship Resource Manual: A source of ways to organize your stewardship ministry team, church budgeting aids, sample church finance policies and more.

Pastor and staff benefits plus trusted financial advisors: Everence administers employee benefits specifically for churches. We also have advisors to support your financial wellness journey. Learn about our financial planning grant for pastors.

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For your attenders

Do you want good stewardship education opportunities for your attenders? And maybe you want to help them put stewardship into action? 

Everence offers a full range of financial and stewardship resources, including books and events. We also offer faith-oriented financial services to individuals.

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To review the big picture of your stewardship ministry or learn about a specific resource,  contact the stewardship consultant for your region.

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Theology of holistic stewardship

Christian stewardship encompasses all we are and all we have. This theology of holistic stewardship, of aligning our lives with God’s purposes, is embraced by Everence. At the same time, our work focuses on helping churches, individuals and organizations practice stewardship of financial resources.