As you look to the future, you want to be sure you have enough saved for retirement. An Everence annuity can help you achieve your goals by offering guaranteed1interest rates and the opportunity to secure income for life, while at the same time supporting your faith and values.

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Fixed Annuities

Turn your savings into retirement income

With a fixed annuity, you deposit a sum of money (the premium) and earn a guaranteed interest rate. The interest you earn continues to grow tax-deferred2 until you withdraw funds or convert the annuity to a series of income payments over a set period of time or over your lifetime. An annuity could be a valuable addition to your retirement plan.

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Fixed annuity features

  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Guaranteed income
  • No up-front fees
  • Avoids probate, making beneficiary distribution simple

Everence annuities

The Everence annuity difference

Everence annuities have special features built in to reflect our commitment to stewardship and mutual aid – features like values-based investing in enterprises that support and enhance the causes of peace, justice and the quality of human life.

When you purchase an Everence annuity, a portion of your premium is used to support the Everence Church Loan program, green lending to nonprofits and/or community development programs.

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Retire with confidence

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Everence annuities help offer security

With people living longer, and questions about the long-term health of Social Security, you will need to rely more and more on your own savings to provide adequate income during your retirement.

An Everence annuity is one way you can build a financial foundation for your future income.  Combining guaranteed lifetime income with guaranteed lifetime Social Security benefits can generate secure revenue to help you cover everyday living expenses, leaving your other savings available for travel, recreation and other unexpected expenses. 

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Everence annuities provide flexibility

Everence offers innovative annuity choices to fit your current and future needs. If you want to enjoy the benefits of flexible deposits, low opening balances, flexible withdrawal options and tax deferral, an Everence annuity might be a good choice.

Whether you are looking for current income, income that will last your lifetime, or simply want your savings to grow tax-deferred, we have a product that may suit your needs for years to come.

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Case study: Annuity helps fund retiree's continuing education

Retirees often have time for interests they put on hold during their years of full-time work. But will they have the money they need to follow their dreams?

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Important information

Disclosure statements

You're encouraged to read the disclosure statements to better understand the newest rules that apply to annuity accounts.  

IRA disclosure statement Roth IRA disclosure statement


All guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of Everence Association. If you have questions, please talk to a financial representative.

Withdrawals may be subject to federal/state income tax and, if taken prior to age 59½, an additional 10% federal penalty tax. IRAs and other qualified plans already provide tax-deferral like that provided by an annuity. Additional features and benefits – such as contract guarantees, death benefits and the ability to receive a lifetime income – are contained within the annuity for a cost. Please be sure the features and costs of the annuity are right for you when considering the purchase of the annuity. 

Representatives are all licensed insurance agents of Everence. Insurance products are offered by Everence, the marketing name of Everence Association Inc., a fraternal benefit society. All products are not available in all states.