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Mennonite Retirement Trust

Mennonite Retirement Trust helps you save for retirement. If you participate in MRT, learn here about services available to you today.

MRT administration

MRT services are administered by Everence, the stewardship agency of Mennonite Church USA. MRT and Everence partner with Empower Retirement to provide enhanced account management and retirement planning tools for pastors in congregations and employees in organizations with Mennonite/Anabaptist faith traditions.

Manage your MRT retirement account

Access your account at Empower through MyEverence.

Resources, tools and education

Whatever your age or life stage, there’s no substitute for regularly saving for retirement. Consider these resources, tools and educational materials:

When you terminate with your employer or retire

When you terminate with your employer, you can keep your MRT account or roll it over into:

  • An individual retirement account (IRA), which your Everence representative can arrange, or
  • Another qualified retirement plan with a new employer, which you would arrange with the employer.

By participating in MRT, you have flexible options for turning your MRT account into retirement income. You can receive lump-sum distributions, roll the balance into an income annuity, or withdraw part or all of the value of your account. To choose one of these options, contact an Everence representative who will assist you. For more information, read Options for your MRT retirement plan.


Your employer’s benefits administrator is often the first person to contact if you have questions about your MRT plan. Other people who can help:

Empower Key Talk: For your personal account information, plan and investment options, call (800) 298-4801.

Everence Retirement Services: For other general questions about MRT, email or call (800) 348-7468 ext. 2471.

Your Everence representative: Your Everence representative is specifically trained to help you with retirement planning and all of your other financial goals.


Everence and Everence Retirement Services are not affiliated with Empower Retirement.