Pastor Salary Guidelines

A pastor’s leadership builds a church’s ministry, and a pastor’s compensation reflects in part a church’s commitment to quality ministry. Available in online and paper form, these guidelines provide a resource to start a conversation that supports ministers and their families, and is fair to the church and leadership.

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Total Salary, Benefits, and Expenses:

Use the paper version

If you prefer to print the Pastor Salary Guidelines worksheet and write in the calculations, you may download the PDF and interpretive comments. You may also use the spreadsheet version if you would like to save the information to use later.

Pastor Salary Guidelines worksheet

Interpretive comments

Pastor Salary Guidelines spreadsheet

Geographical units

While filling out the worksheet, you will need to determine the geographical unit value of where you live. Enter your state and county in the fields below to calculate those units.

Geographical units = 0

The geographical units assigned are based on the 2020 “Effective Buying Income” index obtained from Claritas. “Effective Buying Income” reflects income after taxes as calculated by a proprietary formula and is not a cost of living index. Download the Interpretive comments for more information.

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If you have questions or need help filling out the Pastor Salary Guidelines, please visit the Mennonite Church USA website or contact Michael Danner, Associate Executive Director.

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