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Everence member and community benefits

Benefits of membership in the Everence community gives you the chance to do things you could never do as effectively on your own. Learn about unique benefits that members of Everence enjoy: benefits for themselves and the broader community. 

Benefits for you

Being part of the Everence community gives you the chance to do things for yourself and others in ways you could never do as effectively on your own.

Everyday Stewardship

Three issues a year packed with financial insight and practical ideas to help people grow and thrive. Learn more

Accidental death benefit

A $1,000 benefit available to members under age 70 who live in select states.* Learn more.

Free budget and debt counseling

Confidential counseling from a certified credit counselor for your financial questions. Learn more.

Everence college scholarships

For you or your dependents. Learn more.

Will preparation rebate

Partial financial reimbursement for the costs of preparing a will or updating an existing one. Apply by downloading the application.

Go green rates

Discounts for home equity and auto loans from Everence Federal Credit Union. Learn more.

Hearing care discounts

Available through the EPIC program. Learn more.

Fellowship and education

Available through local offices and chapters, events and resources. Learn more.

Stewardship investing

Financial decisions rooted in faith. Key parts include company screening, shareholder advocacy and community development investing. Learn more

Benefits for your community

Ways your membership makes a difference for others – at no extra cost to you:

Budget and debt counseling

Free, confidential counseling from a certified credit counselor through LSS Financial Counseling – available to members and others associated with Everence. Learn more.

Everence Sharing Fund

In partnership with your congregation or chapter,the Sharing Fund provides matching grants to help meet financial needs in your church and community (accessible through your congregation’s Everence advocate or your local chapter). Learn more.

Everence Church Loans

Loans made to churches and related agencies funded, in part, through Everence annuities or mission-driven securities. Learn more.

Stewardship education

Workshops, seminars, Sunday school lessons and ministry training for youths, adults, pastors and church leaders on financial topics such as saving, giving and preparing for the future. Learn more.

Growing thriving communities

Improved livelihoods of underserved groups through community development investments and encouragement of responsible corporate practices through shareholder advocacy – guided by our stewardship investing. Learn more.

*AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MD, MI, MN, MT, NE, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, VA, WA. Contact us about full benefit descriptions because limitations apply. Everence reserves the right to modify these benefits in the future. We are continually updating and improving these benefits, but they are not guaranteed.