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Planning and Advice


Information for students

There’s no getting around the fact that going to college is a large investment. The rising cost of higher education makes it more important than ever to prepare as much as possible, as early as possible.

Below are three videos featuring college students talking about their experiences about preparing for college, dealing with finances while in college and how to handle student loans and debt after graduating. We also have Spanish versions of these videos available to view as well.

Getting ready for college

Creating and sticking to a spending plan helps you manage your money better, which also helps you save more of it for college. Everence can help you find a student loan that suits your needs, and our members and their children can apply for one of the scholarships that we award each year.

Another service we offer is free confidential budget and debt counseling through LSS Financial Counseling Service, thanks to our partnership with Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota.

Currently a college student

You can get some perspective on navigating your college years from others who’ve been where you are now. A student loan can help you bridge the gap between the money you’ve saved and how much you need for college. And students can apply for a $750 scholarship from their local Everence office, with a chance for an additional grant of up to $1,250.

Lots more information about paying for college, including the federal government’s role, is updated regularly at the College Resource Center.

Free confidential budget and debt counseling is available to help you make spending and saving decisions that can put you in better shape for life after college.

Recently graduated from college

Student loan debt totals more than $1 trillion in this country. Many students don’t make it through college without borrowing money. If you finished school with thousands of dollars in loan debt, you’re certainly not alone.

An Everence Federal Credit Union private student loan consolidation is something to consider. Use our calculator to figure out your potential monthly and total savings. The free counseling assistance we offer through Lutheran Social Services Financial Counseling of Minnesota can help you build a firm financial foundation.

A monthly spending plan can be a good way to track your income and expenses and can help you set aside a certain amount for repayment of debt, including credit card debt. Do you have specific questions or need more information? Talk with an Everence advisor.

Information for parents

You play a key role in helping your daughter or son decide whether to go to college, which school to attend and how to pay for it. You also may be pitching in financially to lighten the burden on your child.

The earlier you start saving money for your children’s higher education, the better. Starting when your children are young can make a big difference in how much is available when they choose a college. A savings account dedicated to college expenses is one way to accumulate money, but there are several others that an Everence representative can explain in more detail. Some feature tax advantages designed to encourage saving for college.

Check out our college savings plan calculator for some useful ideas about how much you might want to set aside each month. Everence can help you find a student loan that suits your family’s needs, and we offer a number of annual scholarships to our members and their children. Information about paying for college, including the federal government’s role, is updated regularly at the College Resource Center.