Everence provides new online Pastor Salary Guidelines for churches

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Now available in an updated, user-friendly format

Everence® recently introduced a new web-based platform for Pastor Salary Guidelines to Mennonite Church USA conference ministers. While Everence is providing the technology and operations of the program, the guidelines are developed and approved by MCUSA.

This resource is provided as a continuation of the Everence commitment to empowering churches to make smart and faith-based financial decisions.

“We’re really excited to take this opportunity to unveil this new service from Everence to the church,” said Bill Hartman, Vice President of Organizational and Congregational Services at Everence.

“The new online version includes much of the same functionality and data as the last set of guidelines, but with updated features and capabilities that make it even easier for congregations and ministry leaders to develop fair and comprehensive compensation packages for their pastors. And eventually, our vision is to further develop the program and expand the guidelines to be of service to other denominations, networks and faith communities.”

Figures updated as progress is made

The web platform offers users an intuitive, updated form that leads them through the process of building a salary package, with figures that update live as progress is made. This information is then aggregated into a summary page at the end of the form which users can save how they choose.

The guidelines take into account a number of factors for pastors across the denomination, including cost of living by location. The online form provides helpful commentary in pop-up windows as the user advances, answering anticipated questions and offering additional context.

Users can also download the Pastor Salary Guidelines worksheet to fill out on paper, as well as a spreadsheet containing the information they entered in the online form. Interpretive comments can also be downloaded as an additional resource for information and context.

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