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Estate planning helps ensure your wishes are carried out

You have the power to make sure your wishes are carried out, now and in the future. Trust and estate planning puts the authority in your hands to provide for your family.

Do I need an estate plan if I already have a will?
A will is a vital part of an overall estate plan because you’re deciding who will receive your assets when your time comes. But an estate plan goes beyond that to also help minimize estate, income and gift taxes. It’s a comprehensive approach for making sure your wishes are carried out.

Why would I need a trust? Aren’t those for wealthy people?
A trust can help you financially provide for your loved ones. Trusts also can protect your assets from creditors and give you control over how and when those assets are given to the people you choose.

What’s a personal financial affairs directory?
Everence® offers this complimentary, fillable, online guide to help you organize your finances. The directory helps you collect important information in one place. We encourage clients to fill one out because it can be a great resource for your family.

What about legal advice?
We help you review your financial plans and goals, but we don’t provide legal advice. You should partner with a qualified attorney to draft a will and power of attorney documents that will satisfy legal requirements. We can recommend attorneys we’re familiar with, who work with many of our clients.

Jamie Detweiler


Jamie Detweiler
CFP®, is an Everence Financial Planner who partners with clients to integrate their faith and values with their financial decisions.

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