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What’s most important to know?
Consider these essentials. Learn about the parts - Medicare Part A, B, C & D. Ensure you’ll have coverage and avoid penalties by knowing when and how to enroll. Understand the differences between your coverage paths – Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare supplements.

When should I begin researching Medicare?
I recommend learning about Medicare at least six months or more before you turn 65. If you plan to work beyond age 65, you should begin your research at least six months before you expect your group health insurance to end. You can enroll in Medicare up to 3 months before you turn 65.

What is most often misunderstood?
People often express confusion related to enrollment periods, whether they’re automatically enrolled (in most cases, they’re not) and what they need to do to get prescription coverage. Medicare decisions may seem complicated but seeking guidance from a professional you trust can simplify the process.

What resources are available?
Everence® offers educational workshops that cover the parts of Medicare, when and how to enroll and explain coverage path options. The U.S. government publishes a booklet entitled “Medicare & You” as well as an informative website

Everence offers a variety of convenient educational resources:




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