Everence and The Mennonite launch Smart Living, Simple Money podcast

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Everence®, the financial stewardship agency of Mennonite Church USA, and The Mennonite Inc., which provides Anabaptist content and is a publication of Mennonite Church USA, have partnered to launch a new podcast titled Smart Living, Simple Money.

Hosted by Trisha Handrich, the Smart Living, Simple Money podcast is produced by and for young adults, focusing on how our financial decisions might impact – and be impacted by – our faith, values and daily lives. Each episode is built around personal stories, expert information and practical tips for managing everyday finances.

“Too often, decisions around money can feel heavy and overwhelming,” said Madalyn Metzger, Everence Vice President of Marketing and Co-Executive Producer of Smart Living, Simple Money. “Our goal is to create a podcast that gets to the root of some of our money questions, so that we have information and resources to help us live intentionally and wisely, day in and day out.”

The podcast’s first season will feature four episodes, debuting every three weeks. Topics will include conversations about debt, budgeting, big purchases and retirement savings.

“We want to provide a forum where all people, including young adults, can listen and learn and have conversations about important issues such as how to integrate faith and finances in their daily lives,” said Sheldon C. Good, Executive Director of The Mennonite Inc.

Episodes, transcripts and additional resources will be available at smartlivingsimplemoney.com. Episodes may also be found via The Mennonite’s website, and available for download on Apple Podcasts, StitcherFireside and RSS feed.

About Everence

Everence helps individuals, organizations and congregations integrate finances with faith through a national team of advisors and representatives. Everence offers banking, insurance and financial services with community benefits and stewardship education. Everence is a ministry of Mennonite Church USA and other churches. To learn more, visit everence.com or call (800) 348-7468.

About The Mennonite Inc.

The Mennonite Inc. provides Anabaptist content and is a publication of Mennonite Church USA. The Mennonite Inc. also publishes a weekly ezine, TMail, and a monthly Spanish ezine, Meno Acontecer. The Mennonite Inc. seeks to serve Mennonite Church USA by helping readers glorify God, grow in faith and become agents of healing and hope in the world. Visit themennonite.org and find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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Smart Living, Simple Money

Your money, your values, your daily life 

Curious about how you can approach your money questions practically, while also living out your values? Check out our podcast, Smart Living, Simple Money for how others are doing it, what the experts say, and what you can do!


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