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Results of 2018 Everence customer satisfaction survey released

Everence® member satisfaction has reached an all-time high, according to a recent survey of customers.

The 2018 survey revealed that 94 percent of Everence members are highly satisfied with the service they receive, and 78 percent have recommended Everence to others.

A key factor for satisfaction is how Everence empowers its members to incorporate their faith and values with their financial decisions. The survey found that 96 percent of members affirmed the Everence mission of helping people and institutions integrate their faith and values into their financial decisions. This commitment to faith and finances was cited by 75 percent of those surveyed as one of the primary reasons they work with Everence – and 22 percent indicated it was the top reason for working with Everence over other financial services companies.

“We are extremely heartened and pleased by the survey results,” said Madalyn Metzger, Vice President of Marketing. “Our goal is to help all of our clients live out their values through responsible money management, and it’s gratifying to know we are delivering on that commitment to our members.”

Everence members also acknowledged a variety of personal financial concerns, largely shaped by life stage.

• Investing and budgeting were cited as the two biggest concerns for those aged 18 to 44.
• Retirement planning and managing money to last a lifetime were cited most often by those aged 45 to 64.
• Managing money to last a lifetime and providing for health needs were the major concerns of those aged 65 to 80.

Only 6 percent of respondents reported owing more on credit card debt and loans than they can afford – another indicator of how Everence members are successfully navigating their financial stewardship journeys.

As part of its focus on enhancing customer experience, Everence surveys its members and clients every three years to measure their level of satisfaction. On behalf of Everence, Bellomy Research of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, conducted 1,458 online surveys among current Everence customers across the United States from March 7-21, 2018.

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Everence helps individuals, organizations and congregations integrate finances with faith through a national team of advisors and representatives. Everence offers banking, insurance and financial services with community benefits and stewardship education. To learn more, visit or call (800) 348-7468.
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