How facility changes can advance your mission

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One church addition enhances children's ministry

renovated nursery at Pleasant View Church

The revovated nursery in Pleasant View Church near Goshen, Indiana, was part of a larger project that also involved building a new wing that includes a youth meeting room.

When parents bring their children to Pleasant View Church near Goshen, Indiana, the kids can enjoy an attractive and welcoming space built for them.

The new area of the building is set aside for children’s programming on Sundays, and is used for other types of activities during the week.

The oldest part of the Pleasant View building, which the children had been using but was no longer suitable, was torn down and replaced with the new section.

And part of the building was remodeled for a new nursery and additional accessible restrooms.

An Everence® church loan helped the congregation enhance this ministry and hire a contractor to get the work done.

new youth meeting room at Pleasant View Church

This newly built meeting room for youth at Pleasant View Church near Goshen, Indiana, also can be used for other types of activities during the week.

Don’t let your building space limit the growth of your ministry.

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Michael Ronan
Church Lending Officer

Everence can help with facility financing

Everence serves many denominations and networks with church loans, along with other financial products and services.

We’ve helped dozens of churches finance property purchases, building projects, upgrades/repairs and other major expenditures.

We’re experienced in working with both established and emerging congregations, and our goal is to meet a church’s cash flow needs.

As a faith-based organization, Everence understands the dynamics of church lending and the importance of making sure our financial decisions reflect our faith and values.

We’ve been helping churches continue and expand their ministries for more than 75 years, and church lending remains an integral part of our mission.

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