A total loss

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Car fire brings a congregation together

When Barry’s car caught on fire, the damage meant the car was a total loss. For Barry and his family, it was a devastating loss.

Like so many people around the country, he was out of work. He desperately needed reliable transportation to continue his job search, not to mention, to get to work once he found one.

Worse, his wife Linda had been battling serious health problems for more than two years, which required regular trips to the doctor. Plain and simple, the family’s fortunes looked like they had gone up in smoke with the car.

When word reached his congregation in Ohio, they passed to plate to raise money to help Barry buy a new car. Through their Everence advocate, they applied for a Sharing Fund Grant to match the funds raised by the congregation members.

Today, Barry and Linda still face significant trials, but with the help of their church community they feel blessed that this car will help them tackle their own problems.

This story comes from a recent grant application to the Everence Sharing Fund. In some cases, names have been changed out of respect for the privacy of the families.

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