Denver couple receives Everence Journey Award

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Regional award recipients also named from around the country

Merv and Ardith Eigsti

Merv and Ardith Eigsti have been named the 2014 recipients of the national Journey Award from Everence.

Merv and Ardith Eigsti have been named the recipients of the national Journey Award from Everence, which was presented Sunday, Aug. 3, during the worship service of their home church, Glennon Heights Mennonite.

This award recognizes Eigsti’s abundant hospitality to people of all races and nationalities in their hometown of Denver. They are models of how ordinary people can give their time and share their home with so many diverse individuals including immigrants, new neighbors and church attenders.

“Merv and Ardith have lived a life so full of giving that for many in the communities with which they interact they have become the very definition of humble generosity,” said Betsy Headrick McCrae, Glennon Height Pastor.

Created in 2001, the Journey Award highlights what people of faith are doing as stewards of their God-given gifts. As a part of the award, Everence will make a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice. Eigsti will give a portion of the award to:

  • Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp
  • Glennon Heights Mennonite Church
  • Second Chance Center
  • Community Ministries
  • Family Promise of Denver
  • Hopi Mission School

Everence also announced the regional Journey Award honorees, who can make $500 donations to the charities of their choice. They are:

  • Ken Harder, Meade, Kansas]
  • Paul Munk, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Wilmer Otto, Arcola, Illinois
  • Paul and Maryann Payne, Belleville, Pennsylvania
  • Ron & Arbutus Sider, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
  • Bob Stoner, Millersville, Pennsylvania
  • George and Carol Tobin, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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