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Product supports emerging and socially engaged congregations, green lending and community development

GOSHEN, Ind. – Everence Association Inc. (a fraternal benefit society) announced today the launch of its Advantage Select High Impact Annuity, a fixed annuity designed for individuals wanting to save for retirement while also helping others.

Believed to be the nation’s first high impact annuity, the Everence Advantage Select High Impact Annuity offers an interest rate guarantee for either two or four years. Up to 50 percent of the annuity premium dollars will be made available to provide loans for:

  • Emerging and socially engaged congregations growing their ministries and community services.
  • Green lending for nonprofit organizations making environmentally friendly improvements.
  • Community development needs in underserved areas in the U.S. and around the world.

Individuals may purchase an Advantage Select High Impact Annuity with an introductory rate (available through June 28, 2013) of 1.7 percent for two years or 2.05 percent for four years.

“We are excited to offer our members a way to help others while also saving for their own future,” said Michael Horn, Everence Director of Charitable Products and Church Loans. “The Everence Advantage Select High Impact Annuity gives people an opportunity to live out their faith and values through their financial decisions. It’s another way we are doing better, together.

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In Oregon: ICC11-2115215 Modified Single Premium Deferred Annuity Certificate with Guaranteed Rate