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Everence members highly satisfied with service

A recent survey of Everence members revealed that 90 percent are highly satisfied with the service they receive, and 70 percent have recommended Everence to someone else. These are highlights of a survey conducted earlier in 2015.

The survey showed that an important component for members is the way Everence allows them to integrate their faith with their financial decisions. A total of 96 percent affirmed the integration of faith and finance as the Everence mission, and 92 percent agreed that Everence is successful in doing so.

“We are very encouraged and humbled by the results, particularly in the amount of trust shown in our organization,” said Steve Bowers, Vice President of Marketing. A total of 94 percent of the respondents strongly agreed that Everence has a trustworthy reputation.

Everence members expressed a variety of personal financial concerns, primarily shaped by age.

  • Budgeting and investing were the two biggest concerns cited by the youngest group ages 18 to 34.
  • College education funding and retirement planning were cited most often by those ages 35 to 49
  • Retirement planning and managing money to last a lifetime were the major concerns of those ages 50 to 64.
  • Managing money to last a lifetime and providing for health needs were most often cited by those ages 65 and above.

An indicator of how successful Everence members are at being good stewards is that only 6 percent indicated they owe more on credit card debt and loans than they can afford.

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When you work with Everence, you're making a difference in the lives of others. You're living out your values through responsible money management, and giving back through unique community investing, grant-making and charitable giving programs.

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