Family's gift of grace shared in moving videos

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Daryl Garber's family knew what he wanted, and that made a big difference

Knowing Daryl's wishes helped family members avoid potential disagreements about the care Daryl would receive as he neared the end of his life.

Daryl's sons and daughters-in-law could focus on Daryl and his wife, Lila, instead of the difficult issues many families contend with when a loved one is terminally ill.

Two new videos from Everence® - Giving moments of grace - capture some of the Garber family's thoughts and experiences.


Heartfelt comments from Lila, sons Randy, Kevin and Monte, and the sons' wives, Judy, Kathy Bosin and Marcy Hostetler, illustrate how end-of-life planning affected everyone in the family.


Family members were thankful that Daryl made his end-of-life plans known. "His wishes were clear," Monte said.

Daryl and a few of his friends at Akron (Pennsylvania) Mennonite Church had talked about end-of-life issues for years, and offered workshops to help families prepare for the transition.

"It helps the surviving family members through a very tough time, when enough thought and planning has been done," said Kevin.

Marcy said, "We were so prepared, because he set the stage for us." 

Randy said, "I think the whole thing of not wanting to leave family with more burden than he had to was a part of his desire."

Daryl died at 81 in hospice care in March 2016. He and the former Lila Hershberger had been married more than 60 years.

Jim Miller


Jim Miller
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End-of-life planning

Planning for the future is a gift you can offer your family. There are many things to consider as you plan for the end of your life, and the more decisions you can make ahead of time, the easier it is for those who love you.


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