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A bone grafting surgery helps a woman get back on her feet

Two years after Mary Miller had hip replacement surgery, her prosthesis began loosening in the joint - a condition that was rapidly destroying the bone in her pelvis.

She became one of about 2 percent of patients who require additional bone grafting surgery to make the new prosthesis work properly.

When she was unable to return to work after her allotted 12 weeks medical leave, she joined the estimated 10 percent of unemployed U.S. workers. When her husband John’s company downsized—cutting his hours to only 16 per week—he joined the estimated 20 percent of underemployed workers nationwide.

Thanks to the members of her congregation and the Sharing Fund, her family joined the thousands of families each year who receive direct cash assistance - and matching funds - to help to meet needs such as medical expenses.

Although it can’t meet all the needs of a family like Mary’s, the Sharing Fund can help with immediate needs of families like hers.

This story comes from a recent grant application to the Sharing Fund. In some cases names have been changed out of respect for the privacy of the families.

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