Express auto loan encourages shopping at your convenience

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Make it easier to buy a car, take a check directly to the dealer.

Everence Federal Credit Union makes it more convenient to shop for a vehicle with our express auto loan.1

Car shopping can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Our express auto loan reduces trips back and forth between the dealership and the credit union branch.

Members, current and new, approved for an express auto loan receive a “blank check.” With the check, you can skip financing through the dealer, arriving at the dealership with the payment already in hand. This makes the process quicker and more convenient – especially when shopping on a weekend, an evening or away from an EFCU branch. The check is valid for 60 days.

After finding your next vehicle, simply:

  • Complete the check.
  • Give the check to the dealer as payment.
  • Drive away in the new vehicle!

Talk with your local credit union branch if you have questions.

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Sandra Camarillo
Marketing Intern

Let us put you in the driver's seat!

At Everence, we are here to help you save time and money with:

  • Great low rates.
  • Green auto loan discount.2
  • Express auto loan.

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The express auto loan check is only available in credit union branches. 

Green auto loans will be eligible for a 0.50% rate discount on the offered rate. A "green auto" includes electric and hybrid vehicles.