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We have time in our busy lives to aid a nonprofit

Life seems to be getting busier. Many of us are working 40 or more hours per week. We’re taking children to soccer or band practice or running errands for our older parents.

Weekends are filled with home projects, church activities and sometimes a second job. I’ve even heard my retired friends say they’re busier than when they were working.

In the middle of all this running around, we’re also passionate about changing our world. But we can’t possibly fit in One. More. Thing. You’ll be happy to know there are a few quick and easy ways to help change the world:

  1. Pick a favorite nonprofit organization.

  2. Read one story on their website or from their newsletter.

  3. Excitedly re-tell that story to your friends. Nonprofits love it when their supporters talk about them, and people are more likely to support an organization that a friend also supports.

  4. Connect with them on social media. Re-post something they posted and say why you think your friends should be interested in it.

  5. Find a way to unabashedly and simply fundraise for them. My husband and I host a party after the holidays. We always add a charitable element. This year, to celebrate the fact that we’re turning 50, we asked our friends to make a $50 donation, or some variation on 5, to a charity they think fits our personalities. It was fun to hear what people chose and why.

  6. Pray, whenever you think of your nonprofit.

  7. Sign up for a MyNeighbor credit card from Everence Federal Credit Union. Whenever you use the card, 1.5 percent of the purchase will go to support your favorite nonprofit.

Marlene Kroeker is a Stewardship Consultant in the Michiana region of Everence, working from our offices at 1110 N. Main St., Goshen.

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Marlene Kroeker
Stewardship Consultant

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